Thursday, April 2, 2020

Easter Hunt: Toddler Matching Activity

Want something quick and easy for your toddler to do? Try this Easter Hunt Matching activity! It's quick to set up and so fun!

Some days with kids are just plain long! One of the quickest ways to turn around a bad day (or help a long one move a little faster) is to go on a hunt.

Hunts are perfect for kids of all ages, but especially toddlers. They help them get moving, using their brains, and learning new words too.

How can you make a hunt even more awesome? Pick a theme! We did an awesome Christmas Hunt and we knew we needed to do it again for Easter! 

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Saturday, March 28, 2020

Awesome Non-Candy Easter Basket Fillers for Toddlers

Easter is coming soon! Here are some simple non-candy Easter basket fillers for little ones!

Now don't get me wrong... I still give my kids candy! I also love to add in other non-candy things to their baskets too so that they have some simple, creative, and useful things for the spring!

Inside this post I'll share a list of our favorites! You can buy these online (I'm including some links), shop at a favorite small business, or even go shopping inside your house! 

Shh! Don't tell! Sometimes I just regift things from previous years (or leftover birthday favors) that the kids haven't used yet.

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Monday, March 23, 2020

Creative Egg Carton Activities for Kids

What can I make out of egg cartons? You won't believe all the fun things you can make out of egg cartons with toddlers & preschoolers!

Inside this post I'm going to share how you can make so many fun things with egg cartons, including:
  • arts & craft projects
  • fine motor skill building activities
  • hunting & matching games
  • science ideas with egg cartons

Some of our favorite craft materials are ones that we might typically recycle! 

Repurposing these items and giving them new life before they are recycled allows us to reduce the amount of usable items that end up in landfills and it helps us save money on craft supplies.

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