Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Simple Learning Hunts for Toddlers

Want to help your toddler learn something? Make it into a hunt!

Hunts are my my secret weapon as a mom. I can set one up and get a few minutes of peace while my kids look and match.

Not only do I get a little mom break, my kids work on all sorts of skills while they move and learn! We practice letter recognition, learning colors, number recognition, learn our names, and more!

Today we're sharing 40+ Simple Learning Hunts for Kids!

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What can your toddler learn from a hunt?

So many things! Here are a few skills that are reinforced in the hunts we're sharing about.

  • fine motor skills
  • visual discrimination skills
  • problem solving skills
  • observation skills
  • color recognition (learning the color names)
  • letter recognition
  • how to identify shapes
  • color matching
  • new vocabulary
  • directional words (up down, over, under)
  • and more!

40+ Learning Hunts for Kids

We've put together some of our favorite hunts so that you have them all in one place! We grouped them by categories (Alphabet, color, name, number, shapes, animals, holiday/seasonal, and random!).

Just click on the name of the hunt below and you'll be taken to the activity!


Alphabet hunts give kids an opportunity to work on letter recognition and matching. They are a fun way to introduce letters to kids. 

Alphabet Find activity by Busy Toddler

Letter Hunt by Busy Toddler

ABC Cup Hunt by Playdough to Plato

Flashlight Alphabet Game by Happily Ever Mom


Color hunts are fun indoors and outdoors! We especially love to walk around our neighborhood and hunt for colors. Color hunts are a great way to teach kids color names and help them learn to match the color name with the corresponding colored object. 

Color Hunt

Color Words Hunt by Days with Grey

Learning Colors Hunt by Busy Toddler

Color Nature Hunt by I Heart Crafty Things

Treasure Map Color Seek & Find by Days with Grey


Name are so important to kids! I say this a lot, but one of the best ways to introduce kids to the alphabet is through exploring the letters in their names. Those letters have meaning to them. 


Number hunts are a great way to teach kids the names of the numbers as well as work on counting and grouping items. Kids can also begin to explore simple one to one correspondence.

Number Hunt Math Sensory bin by Busy Toddler

Color & Number Hunt by Days with Grey


Shape hunts expose kids to the names of shapes and help them learn to recognize them. Play together and point out the names of the shapes as you play. Soon enough, your child will know them all just through simple activities like these.

Shape Hunt Sensory Bin by Fun with Mama

Shape Hunt by Busy Toddler


Kids love animals, especially stuffed animals. Animal hunts can help kids work on problem solving skills and even learn new vocabulary words.

Backyard Safari by No Time for Flashcards

Animal Rice Bin hunt by Busy Toddler


Holidays are always better with some sort of hunt. Hunts aren't just limited to Easter and can be played all year long! We hunt with candy canes, hearts, pots of gold, snowmen, and more!

Christmas Hunt

Candy Cane Hunt

Snowman Name Hunt

Broken Heart Alphabet Hunt

Alphabet Heart Hunt

Frozen Heart Excavation

St. Patrick's Day Coin Hunt

Pot O' Gold Number Hunt

Kinetic Sand Rainbow Hunt

Glow in the Dark Egg Hunt

Bunny Color Hunt

Easter Hunt


There are just some hunts that can't be categorized, but they are awesome any way. Here are a few favorite hunts we love using random toys and objects around the house.

Magnetic Treasure Hunt by Happy Toddler Playtime

Treasure Hunt

Puzzle Hunt Sensory Bin by Busy Toddler

Hunt for Litter

Recycled Materials Hunt

Do you have any other favorite hunts? Share them in the comments.

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