Monday, May 4, 2020

Giant Name Art Painting with Kids

Stuck inside with kids? Try some giant name art!

This genius activity was introduced to us by Busy Toddler when she shared her outdoor name art activity.It is now one of our favorite indoor activities too!

Painting is even more fun when you take it vertical!

Giant art gets little bodies moving and stretching too.

You don't have to be afraid of painting inside either! We'll share our tips to make it a success. 

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One of the keys to successful painting with kids is having the right materials. 

Materials Needed for Name Painting:

Name Painting Set Up:

It doesn't need to take long to set up for painting. Here's how to get set up for name painting.

  • Tape a large piece of paper to the wall with painters tape. (Tape all the way around the paper if your child likes to pull on things)
  • Write your child's name nice and big with a fat Sharpie.
  • Place a white sheet or paint tarp or vinyl tablecloth on the floor under where you'll be painting.
  • Put some WASHABLE paint on a palette for each kid. (I usually get the kids involved with this and have them tell me what colors they want. This is a natural way to work on color recognition)
  • Fill up a baking pan or cup with water and place a piece of paper towel next to it. 
Now you're ready to paint!

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How can you make painting with kids less stressful?

1. Make sure you use washable paint and paint somewhere that you feel comfortable. 

If painting inside is too much for you, take it outside or into the garage. Set yourself and your kids up for success!

2. Lower your expectations.

Most likely the kids are going to mix a lot of colors together and make a big mess when they are starting out painting. They probably won't stay in the lines or make pretty colors like you would.

That's ok. 

Art activities are an opportunity for kids to experience some independence and showcase their personality, so focus less on the end product and more on the art process they are going through.

3. Have an exit plan that involves a bath.

The best toddler activities end with a bath... and painting is no different. Set your child up to paint in an area of your house or backyard that you feel comfortable with and when you notice your child's attention span waning, redirect your child to a bath (or a backyard house down, depending on the weather). I love to keep a big towel on hand to wrap up my little ones and carry them off to the bathtub. 

4. Use the right materials.

Make sure your washable paint is actually washable. Don't skimp on paint with little kids. There is so much cheap paint that comes in art kits that stains. Spring for a brand you trust that has tried and true washable paint.

Washable paint should be able to wipe down off any walls or chairs, should your child accidentally miss the paper. My kids almost always get some paint on the walls by accident. I just wipe it down right away and it always comes off when we use our washable paint.

5. Set the boundaries.

Make sure you explain the expectations to your kids when you get started.

"We paint on the paper." 
"Paint stays on the paper"

If kids start pushing any boundaries or painting directly on the walls, I typically end the activity and let them know we'll try another time when they can listen.

That's only really had to happen once for us because the kids learned quickly that I was serious. 

6. Join in!

The best part of painting with your kids is painting together. They are much more apt to paint for longer the first time you paint, if you sit down next to them and paint too. Give yourself a paper. 

I guarantee they will get a kick out of you painting your name.

Even if you don't want to paint, just pull up a chair and sit nearby to help fill any paint refills and chat along with your kids while you supervise and relax.

This activity held my kid's attention for a long time!

Have you tried any name activities with your kids?

Why are name activities awesome for kids?

Name activities are one of my favorite activities to use to introduce alphabet letters to kids. Kids love their names. They are important to them.

This means that name activities can be really motivating to kids. Name activities can teach kids how to recognize the letters in their name, spell their name, and even write their name. 

My daughter beams every time we do a name activity because her name is so special to her!

Do you have any other favorite name activities? Please share them in the comments!

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