Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Make a Stuffed Animal Hunt for Kids

Stuffed animals have invaded our house! My kids love them and I am always trying to find fun ways to play with the stuffed animals we have! You're going to love the stuffed animal hunt we came up with!

Yesterday we made Stuffed Animal houses and today we're going to make our own Stuffed Animal Scavenger hunt!

In this post we'll share how you can make your own stuffed animal hunt featuring YOUR kid's stuffed animals!

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Since we couldn't go out of town for spring break, we did the next best thing and created the ultimate Spring Break Staycation schedule! Day 1 was Stuffed Animal Day and we decided to make a stuffed animal hunt!

Why yes, I did have a photo shoot with my kid’s stuffed animals 🤣🤣 because what else would I want to do during Spring Break anyway... right? 😜😂

This activity is literally the gift that keeps on giving! Let me explain how!

How to make your own scavenger hunt cards: 

Here's one way...

1) Take a close up photo of each stuffed animal with a semi plain background. 

2) Open up and select to make a Letter document. 

3) Go to elements and click on the GRIDS (photo of rolling hills (blank photo)) and scroll down to find a grid of lots of photos and add them to your doc. 

4) Upload all your animal photos. 

5) Add them to the photo grid. 

6) Put a title on top of your Hunt cards 

7) Download 

8) Print your two cards per page using your printer settings.

** You can also just make a grid in Instagram or take a screenshot of your phone's photo library and print it out! It doesn't have to be complicated, fancy, or even look super special. Functional is the best!

Some parents even enlisted their 12 and 13-year-old kids to take photos and create the scavenger hunt card for their little siblings.

How to play: 

Make all your kids go in one room or go outside while you hide all the stuffed animals around the whole house. 

Take your time. 😂 

This is your time for a mom-break. 

Once they’re all hidden, let the kids hunt! 

Important things to remember:
  • Have them cross off the animals they find. 
  • Their goal is to make sure no one else sees which animals they find. They can’t touch the animals or move the animals.
I had some kids start upstairs and some start downstairs and then they switched.

We played this all morning and they can’t wait to play again! 🎉 Stuffed animal day was a success!

Now I can print out these Scavenger Hunt cards anytime I need a break. 

It was SO MUCH FUN and I did some “sittervising” (as my friend Susie @busytoddler would say) and cheered the kids on while I did a workout video and hung out on the couch (occasionally giving them hints).

We may try doing this again with another type of toy (or just more of their stuffed animals that didn't get selected for round 1). 

Have you tried any hunts with your kids before? Do you think they would have fun hunting for their stuffed animals?

Try this and let me know how it goes!

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