Saturday, March 14, 2020

How To Make Potato Stamp Rainbows

Potato stamp art is a unique way to paint! This art idea is great for St. Patrick's Day!

I guarantee your toddlers and preschoolers will love making potato stamp rainbows and other creations with their stamps.

Inside this post we'll show you how to make a potato stamp and use it to make rainbows!

How do you make a potato stamp?

Potatoes are a a great tool to use for making stamps because they are sturdy for little hands and pretty easy to cut.

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To make a potato stamp, you'll want to follow these steps:

1. Wash your potato and scrub it clean. This way you wont get any dirty smudges on your art work.

2. Dry the potato using a clean paper towel or rag.

3. Cut the potato into whatever shape you would like it to be. 

For smaller children, I recommend cutting it in slices or square chunks so that it is easier for them to hold. You can also draw a rainbow-like design on them like I Heart Arts and Crafts did here. You can also cut out a ridge in the potato to make it easier to hold like we do for our apple banner here

Once your potato is cut into a stamp, you're ready to grab some paint and start stamping!

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What sort of paint is good for potato stamping? 

Our favorite paint for toddlers and preschoolers is washable tempera paint. It comes out of clothes easily and is easy to wipe up.

Potato Stamping is a great process centered art idea!

There's no set way that you have to use the potatoes to create. If you give children rainbow colored paint, they can mix and stamp however they would like.

Encourage kids to enjoy the process of stamping and not focus on any particular end product. 

You may want to join in and try this yourself!

How do you keep potato stamps fresh?

Cut your potatoes right before you're ready to start painting. When you are finished, seal the potatoes in an airtight container or in foil in the fridge to keep them fresh. They may get a little starchy over time, so you can always rinse them off before you use them again.

If they get overly moist, you can always dry them off with a towel.

I've heard that if you submerge potatoes in cold water they won't get brown once they've been cut, so if you're worried about them changing color, you can always keep them cut side of the “stamp” face down in cold water (in the fridge) overnight?

Simple process centered painting activities like these potato stamp rainbows are such a fun way to let kids explore art materials, learn about colors, and begin to love art!

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