Sunday, March 15, 2020

Daily Homeschool Schedule for Kids

Inside: We're sharing over 100+ simple activities to do with kids along with a free plan for setting up home learning successfully at your house.

When you have a plan, life just seems less stressful. 

I've got a simple daily and weekly plan filled with routines and activities to help you have creative and educational fun with your kids while you're stuck at home!

The best part about our home learning plan is over 100+ easy activities that are quick to set up and don't require too many materials! Go HERE to get all 100+ activities right away.

What's included in the plan?

  • Daily Schedule
  • Weekly Schedule
  • Blank Schedule Templates
  • Family Connecting Ideas
  • Easy Math Checklist for Big Kids
  • Independent Reading Ideas
  • Simple STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Activities
  • Creative Activities
  • Sensory Play Activities
  • Movement Activities
  • Chores for Kids Template
  • Family Meal Plan Template
  • Sit Beside Me Activities 

What ages is this for?

This plan was created for a family with varied ages of kids and can be used with families of all sizes and styles. The activities included in this plan are great for kids ages 2+.

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Why should you use a schedule?

Having a plan helps keep everyone feeling a little bit less anxious with long pockets of empty time during the day. When you have a schedule or a plan, days seems to go by a little bit quicker. This is helpful when you have young kids stuck close to home with no friend time!

Following a schedule that is similar to your normal schedule can decrease anxiety and give you something to focus on (besides the news and texts from friends).

During the weekdays we plan to wake up and get dressed and ready every day. On the weekends, things will be a bit more relaxed!

How does the schedule work?

Each day we have a schedule that includes a lot of free play and outside play time along with some creative and educational ideas.

We will start the scheduled "homeschool" day with a morning meeting. We'll discuss the schedule, have a family devotional, and do a family connecting activity.

Kids also have independent reading time, time to work on goals/passions, and quiet time throughout the week.

For mealtimes, we have a rotating schedule for helping make and clean up lunch. Chores will be similar to how they usually are during normal life. Read more about setting up a chore system HERE.

In the evenings, we have family board game time, move nights, family walks, and time to read and play.

Older kids also have time to work on any school work they are given

Here are quick views of Week 1-4. When you subscribe to our newsletter you will receive a PDF with all of the current schedules (Week 1-7.).

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4- Spring Break Edition

Is the whole schedule just work time?

Nope! One of the best parts about having kids home from school and time away from busy schedules and friends is that we can use this time to review or explore new educational things... but we can also work on building positive family relationships, learn new skills, focus on passion projects, and make sure everyone stays physically and mentally healthy.

In our family, this means that everyone will have time to...
  • get ready every day
  • workout 
  • have virtual social time with friends/family
  • sleep
  • create
  • help with family chores
  • participate in family meals (cooking/clean up)

What are other's saying about our Learn at Home Plan?

"The Learn at Home plan was a perfect jumping off point for planning the week. It could be used exactly as laid out, but was also easily modified to change activities, timing, etc. This plan was a total lifesaver for me, and helped me feel in control of a situation that is largely out of our control right now!" - Sarah

"Kristina’s Learn at Home weekly plans were an incredible resource to help us through being quarantined. She provided so many fun, easy, engaging activities for all ages and laid out everything needed to incorporate them throughout the day. It’s often hard to find ways to entertain and occupy three kids under age four, but Kristina offered options and modifications that appealed to everyone. I am very surprised and grateful this robust, well thought out resource was free! Thank you so much!"

What's included?

When you sign up you'll be added to our free weekly newsletter so that you'll get any other materials send to your email.


What about working parents?

Many of the scheduled chunks of independent play time, reading time, and quiet time are great times to get work done. 

Later today I will be sharing some "sit beside me" activity ideas for young children who have parents working from home. I will also be sharing some of our favorite online shows, activities, and games for kids to be used as a tool when you need it.   

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When you sign up you'll be added to our free weekly newsletter so that you'll get any other updated materials sent directly to your email.

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