Monday, March 23, 2020

Creative Egg Carton Activities for Kids

What can I make out of egg cartons? You won't believe all the fun things you can make out of egg cartons with toddlers & preschoolers!

Inside this post I'm going to share how you can make so many fun things with egg cartons, including:
  • arts & craft projects
  • fine motor skill building activities
  • hunting & matching games
  • science ideas with egg cartons

Some of our favorite craft materials are ones that we might typically recycle! 

Repurposing these items and giving them new life before they are recycled allows us to reduce the amount of usable items that end up in landfills and it helps us save money on craft supplies.

Related: Check out this cool way to reuse cardboard boxes that you can do anytime.

Some of our favorite activities can be made with items you may already have around the house! Egg cartons, paper towel rolls, cardboard boxes, and even plastic water bottles.  

Start saving your egg cartons now so that you can try out some of these cool egg carton projects for kids!

25+ Egg Carton Ideas for Kids!

Just click on the name of the activity below to see all of the instructions for how to use these crafty & creative egg cartons ideas.


Make spring flowers by Toddler Approved

Egg carton caterpillars by Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds

Egg carton snake by Fun Littles

Make egg carton animals by Everyday Chaos and Calm


Craft stick push by Little Learning Club

Pom Pom Color Sort by Imagination Tree

Rainbow Color Sort by Coffee Cups & Crayons


Buttoning Tips & Tricks by And Next Comes L

Q-Tip Push by Happily Ever Mom

Egg carton towers by The Pinterested Parent

Egg Carton shoe tying activity by The OT Toolbox

Egg Carton Geo board by And Next Comes L

Egg Carton Train by Hands On As We Grow


Language Color Hunt by No Time for Flashcard

Alphabet egg match by Toddler Approved

Cork Egg Carton Color Match by Toddler Approved

Phonics Ball Matching Game by Imagination Tree

Egg carton pirate ship by Toddler Approved

Color sticker matching by Toddler Approved

Making Patterns with Egg Cartons by Imagination Tree

Egg Carton Math by Learn with Play at Home


Geodes with egg cartons by Family & Craft Online

Egg Carton Seed Trays by Rainy Day Mum

Egg Carton Volcanoes by Fun Littles

Sink the boat by Toddler Approved 

For this one all you do is float an egg carton in a tub of water. See how many small items you can put in it before it sinks.

Egg Carton Scoop Sensory Bin

For this activity, cut up an egg cartons into pieces to create little scoops. Add these scoops into your favorite sensory bin with rice or beans.

Do you have any other fun, educational, or craft ways you've used egg cartons? Please share!

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