Sunday, December 29, 2019

Printable New Year's Eve Countdown

Do you love to celebrate New Year's Eve with your kids but still want them in bed on time?

I've got a fun and simple New Year's Eve Countdown for you that is perfect for kids to do earlier in the day with you. Scroll down to get our free Printable New Year's Eve Countdown! It will be sent straight to your inbox!

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What can you do on New Year's Eve with kids?

So many things! You don't need to spend a lot of money or time planning either. Here are a few of the New Year's Eve activity ideas included in our printable countdown:

  • Make NYE hats
  • Confetti eruptions
  • Make 2020 pizza
  • Build cup towers

You can see the other eight activities in our free printable download here. 

Check out our Easy New Year's Eve Party Ideas post for a break down of the different activities included in our printable and more photos.  

The activities are easy to set up and so much fun! 

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Here's how the Printable Countdown works:

Page 1: Your reference page. Each activity box that needs an explanation is clickable.

Page 2: Printable countdown. Print this page off to use.

Page 3: Blank Printable countdown if you want to just use our template and some ideas and then add your own too. Just write your plan in the rectangles.

Page 4: Print off these little arrows to use on your clock. You can just stick tape on the back and move the arrows around.

Or just use this printable as your "cheat sheet" to know what is going on and try out our Balloon Countdown or Paper Bag clock countdown instead.   

Can toddlers celebrate New Year's Eve?

Of course toddlers can celebrate! For our New Year's Eve celebrations we love to party earlier in the day or late afternoon so that kids get all of the excitement out of the way before bedtime. 

With all of the crazy holiday events and schedules, it is nice to get little ones to bed decently early on New Year's Eve and start out the New Year with happy kids, versus overtired ones.

How can you make New Year's Eve fun for toddlers?

Keep things simple. We've selected twelve activities that we like to do each New Year's Eve. Many of them get little ones moving around or exploring their senses. They aren't complicated and don't require kids to follow any specific instructions. I prefer activities and art projects that are open ended and process focused. 

Do you want an easy New Year's Eve plan for your kids? 
Download our printable countdown below. It is FREE!

Each activity that needs an explanation on the first page of the PDF is clickable. So click on the activity for more details. 

Have more questions? Ask away!

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