Monday, November 18, 2019

Easy Toddler Christmas Ornament

Looking for a simple toddler made Christmas ornament? 

Make these easy pipe cleaner Christmas tree ornaments as an adorable Christmas craft for kids! They only take a few minutes but are darling and a great fine motor activity for toddlers. 

It’s Day 1 of our #HandsOnChristmas series with Jenae from I Can Teach My Child! Today is all about fine-motor activities and this Christmas ornament craft is a great one that can be both an activity and a keepsake!

Homemade Christmas ornaments make decorating your Christmas tree so special! I love pulling out the different ornaments we've made and showing them to my kids! They have different memories that go along with each one. 

One of our favorite traditions is to have a special Christmas tree just for the kids where we put all of their homemade ornaments. Each year we try and make one or two new ornaments for the tree. 

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How do you make a homemade Christmas ornament?

Homemade Christmas ornaments can be super simple to make. You don't need to use complicated instructions or even messy or difficult to use materials. The best homemade ornaments for kids allow them to be creative and make them without too much help.


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Materials Needed for Pipe Cleaner Christmas Trees:

For these easy toddler Christmas ornaments, all you need are... 

Here's how to make these easy pipe cleaner Christmas tree ornaments:
Prep Ahead- Fold each green pipe cleaner into thirds. Put pony beads into a bowl or cup.

1. Give each child a green pipe cleaner that is bent into thirds. Have the child start putting pony beads on one end of the pipe cleaner. A parent may need a hold one end of the pipe cleaner while the toddler put the beads on it. Have the child push the beads along the pipe cleaner. 

2. Continue stringing pony beads onto the pipe cleaner until there are 5-6 beads on each side of the triangle. 

3. Twist the top of the pipe cleaner ends to make a triangle. 

4. Lastly, add a little tree stem using a short piece of black or brown pipe cleaner. This is a great job for parents or older siblings.

Voila! You're done and your ornament is ready to hang on the tree. You can use a little piece of pipe cleaner to hang it or a metal hook like you use for ball ornaments.

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More Fine Motor Christmas Tree Fun!

If you liked our easy toddler made ornament craft, you will love this extension activity using beads and pipe cleaners. This is a bit harder, but it is a great activity to strengthen little fingers. These fine motor Christmas trees are an exciting hands on way to play and learn this holiday season! 

 Here's how to make these pipe cleaner trees:

1. Twist several pipe cleaners together at one end. Pull the other ends outward to create a tree. Make sure the tree isn't too tall or it will fall over.

2. Tape the bottoms of the pipe cleaners flat to a table or piece of paper so that the tree remains secure. Twist branches upward.  

3. Encourage your child to string 3-4 beads on each of the tree's branches. Sit next to your child and do it along with them or take turns stringing beads.

Do you want more easy Christmas ornaments to make or more hands on Christmas activities to try? 

Follow along this week as we partner with Jenae at I Can Teach My Child for a Hands-On Christmas Series for Kids. Check out all of the activities from our #HandsOnChristmas series HERE.

I hope you enjoy trying out this easy toddler Christmas ornament!

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