Monday, August 15, 2016

Post-It Fall Apple Picking Activity for Toddlers

I always have a goal to take my kids apple picking every year... but it never happens. There are always excuses- it is too far away, its too hot, there is no time... or there are no apples!

This year we decided to make our own apple orchard and finally pick some apples!

These apples are a bit different though... they are made of Post-Its! They are easy to find at an office store or on Amazon and so fun to stick on and pull off.

This apple picking activity doesn't require you to wrangle kids into a car or even dress them up cute for pictures in an apple orchard. You can do this in your PJs in your own home!

Alphabet apple picking with post-its needs to be on your "must do" list this year!

How can you make a post-it apple orchard?

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All you need are a few quick things...

  • butcher paper (green and brown)- I get this at Lakeshore Learning
  • scissors
  • painters tape
  • apple post-it notes
  • a little bag/basket- mine was from the Target $$ spot

How to get started with your post-it apple orchard?

First, make your apple tree(s) with paper and tape! Stick them up on your wall.

Next, write alphabet letters on the post-it notes!

Finally, have your kids stick them on the tree (or you can stick them and the kids can just pick them off). 

This game is fun to play again and again!

You can even put the letters in order or build words and names with the post-it notes (for older kids).

While you're picking the apples, try and say the names of the apples!

You don't have to tell your kids to do this... just model doing it yourself. They'll catch on quick and try too!

Put the apples that you pick in your basket. This is a simple gross motor activity that works on one of the 6 skills that toddlers need to learn- how to MOVE!

Afterwards, stick the apples back up on the tree and try again!

Make sure to include the letters in your child's name on your apples! Those are usually the most important letters to them and they love exploring them and moving them around.

Apple themed activities are some of our favorites! We love to pull these out in the Fall especially, as kids are heading back to school and there are so many fun apple decorations around. 

You can do this activity even if you don't live near to any apple orchards!

If you love apple activities too, here are a few other favorites you might enjoy...

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