Thursday, August 8, 2019

Fabulous Educational Activity Boxes for Kids

Each week my goal is to share awesome tools with you to help you rock parenthood.

Do you ever wish for someone to just hand you a plan for the day... and go shopping for all of the materials too? 

Hands-on, creative, and educational activities take energy and time to pull together! Sometimes it is hard as a parent to do everything.

One of my favorite tools during busy times of the year are educational subscription kits. I love to use them when I want to create and learn with my kids… but I don’t have time to organize everything myself.

Today I’m going to share a bit about Ivy Kids, one of our favorite educational subscription kits. 

Ivy Kids is a monthly educational subscription box for children. These kits are created by certified early childhood teachers with children of their own. We have used Ivy Kids kits many times over the past five years and my kids always cheer when the boxes arrive!

Ivy Kids Kits are great for…

  • Parents who need a plan and help putting the materials together
  • Families who want to explore new children’s books
  • Kids who love hands-on science, math, and literacy activities
  • Homeschool families who enjoy book themed learning activities
  • Families who need enrichment activities for their kids in elementary school
  • Parents who need tools to support their preschool child’s learning
  • Families who want fun and educational activities to do on the weekends
  • And so many more!

What does each Ivy Kid kit contain?

A classic children’s book

Over 10 activities related to the book of the month, such as:
  • Bookmark reading guide
  • Materials to retell the story
  • A science booklet
  • Science experiment
  • Art projects
  • Math Manipulatives
  • Board games
  • Fine motor exercises
  • Literacy activities
  • and many more...

Detailed instructions to help kids understand what they are learning

A personalized item for your child

Who can use an Ivy Kids Kit?

Ivy Kids kits are designed for kids ages 3-8. Several of the activities can be adapted for younger toddlers if you are supervising them or older kids. My youngest daughter has been playing with our Ivy Kids Kits since she was 18 months. My oldest son (age 11) also still enjoys joining most of the time when we pull out our kits, especially for any games or science activities.

What do the kits look like?

Here’s a sneak peek at the three kits we recently received! They were bear/shadow, bee, and bird themed!

We have a lot of bees and yellow jackets in our yard right now, so my kids immediately wanted to check out all of the bee activities!

We started off with planting some wildflowers using our “food for the bees” kits.

Next we played a fun bee themed board game that snuck in some counting.

With our bird kit, we started off by going bird watching in our backyard using the cool binoculars and bird watching sheet that came in our kit. Next, we made bird themed gliders and let them fly around our house. We also painted birdhouses.

For the bear/shadow themed kit, the kids are excited to explore shadows, make a frisbee sun catcher, and try out some sun-sand art!

We still have several more activities from each kit to try out! I am always amazed at how many activities can fit in one little box!

Each kit comes with at least 10 activities, so we usually spread out the activities over several days. Often the games and activities can be repeated many times, so we can play with our box all month long! The books that come inside are often new to us, so it is fun to add some different books to our library as well!

Here are a few questions we are often asked about Ivy Kids:

How can I sign up for an Ivy Kids monthly membership?

You can simply sign up for a monthly subscription here and a fun-filled kit will arrive on your doorstep each month. You will be billed $39.95 monthly and you can cancel any time after the first kit ships. Shipping is free.

Do you have any Ivy Kids discounts?

Yes! Subscribe and take 20% off your 1st kit w/code “IVY20” or use code "IVYSUMMER10" to take 10% OFF any past kit through August 31st.

Can Ivy Kids be sent as a gift?

These simple kits would make great presents for kids ages 3-8. You can shop through the store to pick your favorite kit or you can purchase a subscription.

Why do I love Ivy Kids kits? Here are a few reasons that I’ve shared before:

  • Such an easy activity to pull out during a playdate
  • Superb After school enrichment activities for school aged kids
  • Supplemental activities to include in a homeschool curriculum
  • Sanity saver during evening "witching hour" when you are trying to make dinner
  • Fun weekend family activities to do together
  • Great way to explore new books/authors/topics
  • They provide simple ways to develop fine and gross motor muscles, build math and literacy skills, encourage reading comprehension, and promote scientific thinking.
  • Help me to have more meaningful learning experiences with my kids.

As you’re planning out your year, I highly recommend that you check out Ivy Kids as a fun way to supplement whatever creative things you are already doing in your home. 

There are many different types of subscription kits out there, but we think that Ivy Kids provides more materials/activities and valuable resources for the price you are paying, than any of the other kits out there.

I love having a stash of Ivy Kids kits to pull out on a crazy day when we’re all getting grumpy and we need something to do! I love that all of the materials needed for the activities are RIGHT THERE in the box! No digging around in my craft cupboard or garage!

Have any questions about Ivy Kids Kits? I would love to answer them! Ask away!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Ivy Kids. As part of our partnership we were sent three free Ivy Kids boxes to try out. The opinions shared in this post are mine. 

We've been a partner with Ivy Kids for five years and continue sharing about them because we think they are such a wonderful resource for parents!

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