Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Your Simple 4th of July Toddler Activity Plan

The Fourth of July is coming up fast and I want you to have a fabulous holiday filled with simple toddler-friendly patriotic activities! 

I know that summer time can be a little bit crazy and you'd rather be at the pool or a splash pad instead of actually planning for the holiday, so I've created a simple 4th of July toddler activity plan that you can follow with just 6 activities to pick from.

It is easy to get distracted by all of the adorable 4th of July ideas on Pinterest and Instagram and get overwhelmed by all of the possibilities you could try. I've listed just a few of my favorite 4th of July activities for you below so that you can spend your time offline enjoying your family! These are easy to set up, don't require expensive materials, and are great outdoor activities that you can do with more than one child.

All of the activity information is right here in this post so that you don't have to waste any time finding it or getting distracted! Follow this plan and you're bound to have an easy time getting ready for the 4th of July. 

6 Easy Fourth of July Activities:

1. 4th of July Color Lab

Materials: Plastic tub, plastic containers (different sizes), scoopers and cups, red & blue food coloring, water

To Play: Just put a variety of containers inside a large plastic tub. Fill the containers with water. Add a drop of two of red or blue food coloring into each. Give your child the scoopers and let them explore! This is a great outdoor activity.

2. Red & Blue Playdough 

Materials: Red & Blue Playdough (homemade or store bought). Our favorite playdough recipe is here, small rolling pins, star cookie cutters, large red & blue beads, glitter/confetti.

To Play: Give each child a lump of each color playdough. Give them a few large beads or some glitter/confetti. Encourage them to squish everything together, cut the playdough with the cookie cutters, and add some glitter to make it sparkly. Roll and cut and play! Repeat.

3. Red & Blue Baby Pool Ball Play

Materials: Several blue & red balls of different sizes, baby pool.

To Play: Add the balls into the baby pool. Add an inch of water if you'd like, or just use the balls without any water. Watch as your toddler rolls, pushes, and plays with the balls. Undoubtedly they'll get thrown out and thrown back in too!

4. Footprint Flags

Materials: Red, blue, and white paper (or a big roll of white paper), Red, blue, and white non-toxic washable paint.

To Play: Paint your child's feet with red, blue, or white paint. Encourage them to stomp on the different colors of paper. Clean off their feet and put a different paint color on. Repeat with all three colors. Let their patriotic flags dry and then display or hang as a banner.

This is a great outside activity!

5. Red & Blue Sensory Bin

Materials: Large plastic tub, dried white beans, large red & blue beads or pom poms, small American flags, and add in any other red/blue little toys.

To Play: Put all of the materials into a large tub. Add in some tweezers or scoops. Let kids explore the materials!

6. Patriotic Squish Bags

Materials: Hair gel/shampoo/Water, large ziploc freezer bags (Heavy Duty), large beads, duct tape.

To Play: Put a sensory bag filler inside a ziploc bag (gel/water/shampoo) along with some beads. Let the air out and seal closed. Double or triple bag the freezer bag. Secure it to the table with duct tape. make sure to seal the ends with duct tape as well. Let little one explore the bags and push and squish!

Want to include some fun 4th of July snacks as part of your plan? You can find 12 of our favorite 4th of July snacks and treats here.

Easy 4th of july snacks for kids

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