Monday, June 3, 2019

DIY Kid-Made First Aid Kit

Summer means heading outside to play, climbing, riding scooters, falling down and getting scrapes and bruises! Sometimes I feel like I am a professional band-aider!

To help get us get organized for the summer and our outdoor adventures, we made some Kid-Made First Aid Kits over the weekend! 

These kits are perfect for kids to put in their backpacks for camp or to throw in your purse and take to the pool (since band-aids are essential there too when kids stub their toes or scrape their feet on the bottom of the pool)!

Have you ever made a first aid kit before? What do you like to keep in your first aid kits?

* For these kid-made first aid kits, we only put items that we feel are safe for kids to have access to (ie. no medications or ointments). These kits are best for kids ages 3+ but you can make them with younger kids and parents can keep them out of reach until they are needed.

What we needed to make our kid-made first aid kits:

This was an easy to prep activity. All of the materials we used are ones you can just grab at a local grocery store or the Dollar Store. If you use bigger kits, then you can include some of the bonus items listed at the bottom of this post.

  • plastic container with sealable lid
  • sharpies
  • band-aids (different sizes and shapes)
  • waterproof band-aids
  • alcohol wipes 
  • moleskin
  • hand sanitizer
  • gauze
  • cough drops (my kids always get annoying summer colds)

How to make the first aid kits?

First we had the kids decorate the containers with Sharpies to personalize their first aid kits.

Then they picked all of the items listed above and added them into their plastic container and they sealed the lid.

What else could you include in a first aid kit?
(Only include items below that you feel comfortable having your child keep accessible. You might need a bigger container or bag if you add some of these)

  • Vomit bags
  • Big band-aids
  • Anti itch cream
  • Antiseptic cream/Neosporin 
  • Tweezers (for splinters, etc!)
  • Small scissors
  • Baby wipes
  • Lollipop (to cheer up injured child)
  • Children's allergy meds/benadryl
  • Ice packs
  • ACE bandage wraps
  • Pain killer (Advil)* (only for adults to carry)
  • Whistle

Did we miss anything? What else would you add? What sort of bag do you keep your first aid kit in? Where do you store it?

I like to store a first aid kit in my downstairs bathroom, my car, the kid's bathroom, and a mini one in my purse! They all need restocking though!

In addition to being great for families for summer or when you are out and about, these also make for an easy DIY craft project for Girl Scouts or Cub Scouts when they are trying to accomplish any First Aid badges.

This activity is so easy to set up and so USEFUL! Who doesn't need an extra first aid kit around their house? 

You may need to hide it though if you have little ones who constantly want band-aids on like I do!

Here are the kits that some of the kids that came over to my house made! Didn't they turn out adorable?

I can't wait to see yours! If you try this out, DM me a picture to @kristinatoddlerapproved.

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