Friday, March 1, 2019

Wacky Popcorn Faces for Toddlers

We read Wacky Wednesday by Dr. Seuss this week to prep for our wacky day at toddler school! We thought that it would be fun to do some simple and silly activities!

Why wacky day? 

Toddlers love to notice differences in things! They also love to spot things that are wrong or seem a bit weird. Wacky day is a fun way to work on language skills - like describing things - in a silly way!

For one of our wacky activities we decided to make faces using popcorn! It was a hit!


Popcorn, paper plates, white glue, paper scraps, pom poms, scissors, and googly eyes.


These popcorn faces are so simple to make! I like to lay out all of the materials and let kids start creating!

We typically start with the faces and they add a mouth, nose, and eyes!

Next we add a lot of glue and they glue on their popcorn. They all know that they get to eat their own bowl of popcorn after the activity, so that helps them not eat any glue-ey popcorn. 

They all got such a crack up over the different mouths and the number of googly eyes on each face. I typically ask my kids how many eye balls they want. I don't tell them they just need two. 

The results are so much more entertaining!

Do you have a child who would have fun with this? Any popcorn lovers at your houses?

Note: Popcorn can be dangerous for kids! It is a choking hazard. Make sure if your child is eating any popcorn that they are sitting down and you are supervising. If you let your child eat popcorn, make sure to only eat the fluffy stuff, Unpopped and half-popped kernels can get caught in your child's throat and block his airway. Parents are responsible for determining whether their child can safely create and eat popcorn or not.

Do you have any other favorite books that work well for Wacky day?

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