Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Easy Pete the Cat Button Sensory Bin

Pete the Cat books are such a fun and popular book series! My kids love reading along with me and singing the tunes shared in the books. 

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This week we are spotlighting Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons by James Dean and Eric Litwin for our Virtual Book Club for Kids! We are sharing Pete the Cat themed activities all week long over in our Weekly Virtual Book Club Facebook Group too!

Do you have a favorite Pete the Cat book?

Here's how we made our super easy Pete the Cat Button sensory bin!


Wrap up a big empty oats container with yellow paper (Pete’s shirt 😜). 

Stick on FOUR groovy buttons from your button stash. 

Stick the oat container in a plastic tub full of buttons. 

Let the kids go to town smooshing and scooping buttons into the oat container! 

Add in a few tools to help kids scoop and pick up the buttons. We love little tweezer and tongs and grabbers. These took the activity up a notch to make it a bit harder for the bigger kids. 

Fingers are okay too!

For this activity we were focusing on strengthening little finger muscles and learning colors! While we played we talked about the colors of our groovy buttons. Strong fingers help kids in so many areas... including helping with zipping, snapping, twisting, and cutting. Also, strong finger muscles help kids have more stamina for writing! 

If you liked these activities, we have a few more favorite Pete the Cat activities here.

You can also check out several more awesome Pete the Cat ideas for preschoolers over at

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