Monday, November 11, 2019

Toddler Christmas Advent: 25 Days of Easy Activities Ebook

Have you wondered, "What are some fun easy Christmas activities for kids?" 

Are you tired of feeling disorganized or frazzled during the holiday season?

Are you overwhelmed with how many Christmas ideas are out there?

Do you want a plan that is easy to follow this December?

I've designed a Toddler Christmas Advent ebook filled with kid friendly Christmas activities to help you solve these problems and more! 

These Christmas activities are simple ones you can do at home with your kids.

If you're ready to have your December planned for you, don't wait! Purchase our Toddler Christmas Advent ebook below.

What is the Toddler Christmas Advent Ebook?

The Toddler Christmas Advent ebook is an almost 50 page digital ebook that includes 25 Christmas activity tutorials along with 25+ more bonus enrichment activities to try. The Advent activities can be done anytime during the month in any order, or participants can follow the advent calendar included in the bonus materials.

I did all of the work of planning, so that you can spend your time being creative and having fun with your kids!

The activity plans are filled with easy to follow, hands-on art, science, and sensory activities.

The Christmas activities shared in the ebook are not only fun, but they are also educational as well.

What does the ebook include? 

Our Toddler Christmas Advent is an almost 50 page ebook filled with simple Christmas themed crafts and activities for kids ages two and older! When you purchase the ebook, you will receive a downloadable file (pdf) to save on your computer or print out and use.

Here are some printed out examples of what is included in the ebook. 


In addition to the PDF file, our Toddler Christmas Advent also includes the following bonuses:

  • 2 Printable Christmas tree poster files (prints to 16x20 at Costco or even bigger at Staples on Blueprint paper)
  • Printable Christmas ornaments file 
  • 5 Christmas Game Printables
  • Printable Christmas Advent calendar (with suggested activities each day)
  • Printable Christmas Book List
  • Membership to our exclusive Toddler Christmas Advent Facebook group

Why should I purchase this Christmas advent for my toddler?

We save you time and brain power!

  • We do all the planning and you get to have fun connecting, creating and playing with your kids.
  • These advent activities were put together by me (an educator and a mom!). They are tried and tested by my kids and their friends. The activities are also educational!
  • No more searching for ideas (or digging through Pinterest) to keep everyone happy!


What makes this advent special?

This advent is for perfectionists like me, who aspire to do something Christmasy every single day of December but fall short.

This year’s advent has no rules and no dates. You can do one activity per day, a few activities per week, or even just pick a handful to do during the month and skip the rest. I am not deciding which day you should do what because you know more about how much time you have each day than I do. I will however give you a sample schedule if you need one.

This is also a NO GUILT advent calendar... so do as much as you can/want and then don’t worry about it. No one is watching you!

I created a simple little Christmas tree that you can print out and decorate with an ornament as you complete each activity. The tree will look cute with five ornaments or 25, so don’t worry if you don’t fit every last one in during this busy time of year! The goal for this Toddler Christmas Advent is to have fun connecting with your family and creating together.

This year I am providing two Christmas Advent tree options for you to pick from. 

You can print it in a variety of sizes at Costco or Staples or other printing locations. We opted for a toddler life-sized version this year using blueprint paper and my kids are loving it!

Here's the 2018 version that is also still included in this year's advent. You can use whichever one you like best. 

Our Toddler Christmas Advent is also available to you several weeks before December starts, so you can get organized and start planning early!

How much does the ebook cost?

Our Toddler Christmas Advent ebook (+ bonus items) costs $6.99.

This is about as much as a stop at Starbucks OR one pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, OR a little more than a kid's Happy Meal at McDonalds. 

The value of this ebook and the bonus materials (including 1:1 help from me whenever you need it during December) is worth far more than $6.99, but I recognize that you have a lot of other expenses in December... so I kept the price down. 

Make sure you don't miss out on this great offer while it is at this low price!

DO YOU HAVE MORE QUESTIONS? Check out our sales page HERE with more information. 

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