Friday, August 24, 2018

Awesome Book Club for Toddlers & Preschoolers!

Why join a book club?

One of the easiest ways to teach kids to love reading and love books is by creating positive experiences with them! As parents we are busy and sometimes reading together isn't first on the list of things to do. Often my toddler ends up wanting to read the same Paw Patrol book over and over again and that makes me bored out of my mind and less than excited about reading.

One simple way to keep reading fun and help parents and kids stay interested in books is through participating in a book club! 

We have a {FREE} Weekly Virtual Book Club for Kids that is perfect for busy families that want the following things...

  • classic book suggestions 
  • tips for helping kids connect with the books
  • ideas for simple and fun hands-on activities to do together

What is Weekly Virtual Book Club for Kids?

Our Weekly Virtual Book Club for Kids is a program created for families with children ages 2-5. Each week we feature a new theme and spotlight a children's book related to that theme. We also share five activities each week that you can try with your kids. The activities and books can be used with children that are older than 5 or younger than 2 with a few modifications.  The books we recommend each week are classic children's picture books that you can enjoy for years to come with your children. Activities we share are hands-on and simple. 

Our goal is to help kids be active and creative and keep things easy for you. Almost all of the materials we use for the activities are inexpensive or else you already have them on hand in your home.

How can I participate in your Weekly Virtual Book Club for Kids?

2. Next, you'll want to check out our Book and theme lists for 2018 (you'll get emailed them as soon as you sign up for our newsletter).

3. After that, gather the books you'll be using from the Library or the Book Store/Amazon.

4. Finally, pick which activities from our newsletter you'll want to try and do them!

5. Optional! Once you've done an activity, come share it in our Weekly VBC group! We love seeing photos or hearing what you're up to. You can inspire other parents to create and engage with their kids.

How does the Book Club work?

Each Friday, you'll get an email with the Theme, Book suggestion, and activity ideas for the following week. The activities are structured so that we have a specific type of activity shared every day. You can use the schedule below as a reference. This is the format we will be following, though you can mix it up and pick and choose activities based on how kids are feeling.

For example, for the first week of VBC our theme is NAMES!

On Monday, we have a fun name sensory bin activity that your kids will enjoy! This is a sensory bin activity that you can actually pull out and play with several times during the week. 

How do we get the book lists?

We will have the August-September book lists posted on our VBC website, but to get the list of books and themes for the rest of 2018 (Aug-Dec 31st), make sure you have subscribed to our Virtual Book Club for Kids Newsletter.

When is book club starting?

Our 2018 Virtual Book Club is kicking off on Monday, August 27, 2018 and it runs through May of 2019.

We are so excited for our Weekly Virtual Book Club for Kids to get started next week and we hope you will be joining us!

If you have any questions about our Weekly Virtual Book Club for Kids, please comment and let us know! We are happy to help clarify anything!

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