Thursday, June 21, 2018

The Best Toddler Clean Up Songs

More kids home during the summer means more mess and more clean up time! My four kids are home and I have to be really deliberate with how we keep our house cleaned or else is can quickly become a disaster! We have a daily summer checklist that helps us remember to get it done. It is important for kids to learn how to clean up and put things away starting at early ages. Parents can be great examples and use positive encouragement to help toddlers cultivate the good habit of cleaning up! Today I'm going to share a few tools that we like to use!

How do you get your toddler to clean up?

It is important to set the expectation in your home that after you play, you clean up. By consistently showing this pattern to toddlers and having them help you, you are on your way to establish some good habits! In addition to being consistent, I think it is important to develop good cleaning routines. When I teach toddler groups or work with mine at home, one of the first things we learn is a clean up song! These songs stick in toddler brains and toddlers love singing them while they clean! These songs are also great to switch on and help toddlers with the transition from playing to picking up.

What are some awesome toddler clean up songs?

Music can be such a motivating tool! One of the first ways I motivate kids to clean up is by letting them pick the songs we listen to as we clean up. In addition, I like to teach kids a few simple clean up songs to get them motivated and cue them when it is time to clean up!

Here are 8 Toddler Clean Up songs that I like!

If you click on the videos below, you can watch the clean up song videos embedded on this website. The first one is my absolute FAVORITE! It can get stuck in your head so easily!

1. Clean Up Pick Up Put Away by Daniel Tiger

2. Your child's favorite song- this will probably be THE most motivational tool. What song does your toddler love right now?

3. The Clean Up Song by Barney

4. Cleanup Song by Dora the Explorer

5. Can't Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake

6. Happy by Pharrell Williams

7. Tidy Up Rhumba Song by Musical Playground

8. Tidy Up Song by David Moran

Do you have any other favorite clean up songs that you like to blast at your house?

Do you have any favorite cleaning strategies that work at your house? Here are a few of the creative ways we clean up at our house depending on the day:

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