Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Egg Scoop Easter Activity for Toddlers

Plastic eggs are pretty much the most versatile toys around and so fun to use with toddlers in a variety of ways! Our favorite activity is our cardboard box egg roll game, but this egg scoop transfer activity is a close second!

Over the next week or two we'll be sharing some super simple toddler Easter themed activities with you as part of our A Very Toddler Easter Series! You can find all of our Toddler Easter activities here. This Egg Scoop activity for toddlers is super easy to set up and requires very few materials!


  • plastic eggs
  • scoopers (whisks, ladles, etc.)
  • large plastic tub
  • smaller plastic containers
  • large vinyl tablecloth (to contain the mess) 


To get started, I set up a big plastic tub (under bed storage tub) and then added some smaller plastic containers into the big tub.

Next, I added some plastic Easter eggs to the smaller containers and I poured some water into them too. I did not put any water in the big tub.

Lastly, I added some scoopers. We used ladles, whisks, and some other sifter scooper sort of things.


Once I set everything up, I invited my toddler to come over and play! She knew exactly what to do without me showing her anything. She picked up the eggs with the scoopers, dropped them into the other containers, scooped water, poured water, and shook the eggs filled with water too!

She loved picking up the eggs with the whisk and ladle and seeing how far she could move the eggs before they fell out!

After awhile she discovered that the plastic eggs have holes in them... which means water gets inside of them. She loved shaking the eggs and see the water fly out of them and she loved hearing the water shake inside the eggs.

She also occasionally would crack the water-filled eggs and they would splat into the container and sometimes onto her lap. She thought it was such a fun surprise!

This activity allows toddlers to...

  • build hand-eye coordination
  • strengthen fine motor skills
  • practice color names 
  • explore cause and effect


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