Monday, March 12, 2018

Bunny Color Hunt for Toddlers

Toddlers love repetitive activities! I love finding simple ways to play with materials that sneak in a few opportunities to learn and practice new vocabulary words.

This week for our Weekly Virtual Book Club for Kids we are sharing a bunch of bunny activities themed around the book Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter. Some of our favorite bunny activities last year included our Feed the Bunny Game and Bunny Spin Art.

This week we grabbed some felt bunnies from Target and knew we had to have a hunt with them! You'll want to put our simple Bunny Color Hunt on your agenda this week simply because it is easy and kids can play again and again and it only requires two things!


  • pre-cut felt/cardboard/paper bunnies (from Target or a craft store)
  • Easter basket
  • a copy of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter (I like the board book version for toddlers)

You can cut out your own bunnies if you don't want to buy them. Just use heavy duty cardstock. Most craft stores have pre-cut bunnies this time of year as well that aren't too expensive and it saves you a lot of time!


Kick off your activity by cuddling up and reading Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter. After that, grab some colorful bunnies and scatter them around your house or backyard.

Give your toddler a basket and help her hunt for the bunnies!

For older toddlers, you can be sneaky and hide the bunnies in more complex places. For younger toddlers, just scatter the bunnies out in plain sight.

My toddler loved it when I would call out different colors and she would call out the color and scurry to go find the pink or blue bunnies that I had named.

After she picked up all of the bunnies, we played with them, helped them "hop" around while he held onto them, and she had to give each one a hug and a kiss.

She's carried the bunnies around our house all week dumping them out and putting them back in the basket and taking them out to play with her and cuddle her.

Easy activities like this always end up being the most popular at our house! It is a win-win when the activity requires virtually no set up or materials and kids love the activity!

Several of our favorite Virtual Book Club for Kids bloggers are sharing other favorite Peter Rabbit inspired bunny activities this week. Make sure to click on the links below to check them all out.


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