Wednesday, February 28, 2018

One Fish Two Fish Activities for Kids

One of our favorite Dr. Seuss Books is One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish!

We love to do simple book themed activities that don't take very much time to prep and that are fun for the kids. I love when they also manage to teach the kids some new skills too! 

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Today we have a few simple One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish themed activities for kids to try along with a snack or two. 


Big art is always fun and simple to set up. Grab crayons, pencils, markers, or paints and a big piece of paper and some painter's tape and you are set!

For this fish themed big art, we just encouraged the kids to draw fishes and color in the fishes that were already on the paper. Mostly they just had fun chatting while they colored.


Playdough fish are super easy to set up! Start by rolling out playdough and then cutting the playdough into shapes to make the outline of a fish.

I made a few fish to start and then the kids joined in and made some of their own as well.

Next, we had different embellishments available for the kids to use. They loved using perler beads to add color to the fish.


This snacktivity was the highlight of our little fish themed preschool!

We put down a big bowl of fish and each child was assigned a color. They sorted their colored fish onto plates and then got to eat their fish for their snack.

They were so excited watching the plates get more and more filled with color as they sorted them all out!


I always love to have a simple little treat for the kids! They loved making blue jello and then watching it freeze! We added in a few red fish to tie it in with the Red Fish Blue Fish theme.


Lastly, we made really simple fish themed fruit cups! All I did was draw on them with a Sharpie and add a little fish tail with tape and paper. The kids thought they were hysterical!

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