Friday, November 17, 2017

Awesome Outdoor Rainy Day Activities for Toddlers

RAIN RAIN, let's play!!

Today it rained all day and instead of getting depressed and feeling stuck inside, we went out and played in the puddles. Rain can deter many parents and send people inside to play all day, but I want to challenge you to embrace it!

Playing in the puddles is always our favorite, but there are more ways to play! I've collected a variety of ideas that I've seen and that people have shared with me over the past year. Getting kids OUTSIDE and playing in the rain can be something that they remember forever! 

This short list of simple activities to do in the rain really doesn't need any explanation. The activities aren't hard. If for some reason you need a little bit more of a description, just comment and I'll try and help out. These activities are for kids of all ages, not just toddlers.

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Put bubble solution or bubble bath on the ground and watch the rain make bubbles!

Grab an all in one Muddy Buddy rainsuit and head to the park to play or on a nature hike!

Ride bikes or your favorite ride-on toys through huge puddles.

Make paper or foil boats and float them in puddles.

Play in the mud!

Paint with sidewalk chalk in the puddles.

Do some watercolor with the rain!

Hunt for worms. 

Make some mud pies.

Use rain gutters for boat races- use sticks, toy boats, and leaves as boats

Grab some buckets and catch rain in them!

Make a homemade water wall for play outside in the rain.

Do your own rain dance!

Bring some bath toys outside and play with them in the puddles.

Grab some foam Alphabet Letters and build words or do an ABC rain jog

These activities should be done with adult supervision. Use common sense when trying out these activities and be safe. Rain water can be dirty, so refrain from letting your kids drink it. Make sure to clean all toys that come outside and play in puddles.

Do you see any favorite rainy day activities that you've tried before? Did we miss any?

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