Thursday, November 16, 2017

15 Easy Christmas Ornaments for Toddlers

When it comes to Christmas crafting with kids, I want to have a fun and low-stress experience. Since toddlers can sometimes cause stress when you are crafting and creating together, I like to pick super easy projects to do. This way, I can focus on the connection and having fun part versus concentrating too much.

I've collected 15 awesome Christmas ornaments that are toddler-friendly. Most can be done by kiddos age 2 and up. Some can be done with younger kids, depending on your child and what he is putting in his mouth right now. I kept this list to just 15 so that you wouldn't get overwhelmed with all of the choices out there. 

These ornaments have a good amount of sparkle and shimmer to them, which toddlers typically love. Some also involve paint, which my toddler is obsessed with right now. If you click on the names of each craft below, you'll be taken to a tutorial with the full details of how to make it!

Make sure you write your toddler's name and the date on each ornament once you're done so that you know when they were made. I love pulling out my ornaments made by my kids each year. The expensive ornaments I have can't hold a candle to my darling homemade ones.


Sparkly Lid Ornaments

Sparkly Snowflake Ornament

Salt Dough Christmas Tree Ornament- Messy Little Monsters

1 Minute Christmas Ornaments- No Time for Flashcards

Sparkly Christmas Stars

Cinnamon Ornaments

Snowman Ornament- Happy Hooligans

Birdseed Ornaments- One Little Project

Paper Plate Ornament- Arty Crafty Kids

Button Christmas Tree

Gingerbread Men Ornament- Powerful Mothering

Toddler Christmas Tree Ornament- Arty Crafty Kids

Rippin Snippin Chipboard Ornament

Easy Filled Plastic Ornaments

Tin Foil Tree Ornaments- Happy Hooligans

There are several other ornaments out there that could be perfect to try, so if you have a suggestion, pass it along! I'd love to hear some more ideas that are "toddler friendly" if you have them!

Once the ornaments are up, it is time to make Christmas cookies! Our favorites are candy cane cookies. Have you tried them before? I actually don't like how they taste, but they are beautiful to add to a plate of cookies and are so festive!

Alright, do you have any other favorite homemade ornaments? 

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