Monday, April 10, 2017

Giant Easter Sensory Bin for Toddlers

We are so excited about our A Very Toddler Easter series that we are co-hosting with Susie from Busy Toddler. Each day this week, we will be sharing a toddler-friendly Easter activity idea! Make sure to come back daily to follow along with our A Very Toddler Easter activity ideas! This post contains Amazon Affiliate links.

Easter is next Sunday and this week is going to be hopping with cool toddler Easter activities. We are kicking off our A Very Toddler Easter series today with two easy & simple toddler Easter activities for you to try. Scroll down for mine or hop over to Busy Toddler  to see #2. Don't forget to follow @kristinatoddlerapproved and @busytoddler on Instagram for more pictures and stories.

What's better than a toddler dumping an Easter basket full of grass all over your house??...


This giant sensory bin will help keep the grass and Easter fun contained and let your little one dump, throw, and play all day long!

Yesterday I had the brilliant idea to fill up a giant Easter basket with edible grass and Easter eggs and toys and let my 15 month old play with it. I was excited to see how she would play. She immediately began pulling everything out of the basket. Eggs were rolling and grass was flying. She looked like she was having a blast, but I was twinging a bit as my kitchen turned into a disaster zone... so we decided to make this more contained giant Easter sensory bin instead! 


In order to make this play idea more fun for ME and my little one, we grabbed our big tub 110 QT plastic tub to make a Giant Easter Sensory Bin.

I love deep tubs versus more shallow plastic tubs because it takes more effort for my little one to dump everything out of it! If we use shallow tubs, she usually just moves everything from inside the tub to outside the tub. With deep tubs she actually plays with the materials INside the tubs.


* I didn't tell my 15 month old that the grass was edible and I didn't show her that she could eat it. I just liked knowing that IF she did try to eat it, it was ok.

** I only use plastic eggs that have little holes in them, like these large plastic eggs

You can throw pretty much anything into your Easter Sensory Bin. I kept an eye out for the Easter items that my daughter currently loves the most and added a few of them into her bin. She loved opening the eggs and then trying to close them. I stayed nearby to help her close them of she would get frustrated or need help. 

She also loved transferring the grass and eggs from the tub into our little wooden Easter basket and then back out again!

Like we always say, sometimes the easiest/simplest activities are the most popular!


Sensory bins help kids explore using their senses. Recently we tried a colorful rainbow sensory bin, a Ball Drop Sensory Bin, and a Drip Drop Car Wash. They were a hoot!

If you haven't tried a GIANT Easter (or any holiday) sensory bin, hop on over to try it!

Don't forget to pop over to Busy Toddler and see what sort of fun Susie is having over there today! Make sure to check out our A Very Toddler Easter series landing page if you miss anything and want to catch up!

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