Thursday, April 20, 2017

12 Last Minute Earth Day Activities for Kids

Earth Day is on Saturday and we've been trying to think of a way to celebrate! In the past we've shared these 8 simple Earth Day activities to get kids having fun! We have also been sharing a variety of ideas on our Facebook page over the past week or two.

Here are a 12 quick and easy activities to try this week or weekend to celebrate Earth Day!! Make sure to tell us your other ideas in the comments!

1. Make Earth Day playdough!

We love this playdough recipe from The Imagination Tree. We like to make one batch green and one batch blue and then mix them together to make an Earth for Earth Day.

2. Go on a hike and pick up any trash that you find. Make sure you bring a trash bag and gloves. You could even turn it into a pick up litter scavenger hunt!

3. Go through your drawers and donate any clothes that you have outgrown. Give them to a needy person or someone smaller than you.

4. Work on conserving water. Turn off the water while you brush your teeth. Turn it on only to wet your brush and to rinse.

5. Take the Stop Using Paper Towel challenge. Make your own reusable towels and stop buying paper towels for a day, a week, a month, or longer! My DIY freezer paper stenciled towels can be found here. My sandpaper printed towels can be found here.

6. Turn off the lights if you leave the room. Try out some of our other favorite tips to conserve energy here.

7. Save energy by parking your car and jog, walk, or ride your bike/scooter this week instead.

8. Go on a nature walk or hike and enjoy the beautiful green Earth!

9. Go to the beach with your family or friends and host a beach clean up day. Pick up any trash you find.

10. Plant a flower or a tree!

11. Make an art project using recycled materials.

12. Bake Earth Day cupcakes with your family and enjoy them after you've tried one of the 11 activities above!

To make these all you use is a vanilla cake mix and then divide the batter up. Color one bowl of batter blue, and the other green. Then mix them together in a muffin tin, and then bake them!!

Do you have any other quick and easy suggestions to help kids celebrate Earth Day this week?

How do you teach your kids about Earth Day? What kind of difference do YOU want to make?

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