Monday, February 20, 2017

Splat Painting Inspired by The Gruffalo

Painting is so much fun! We love to try using different materials and methods to paint. Have you ever tried splat painting? It is such a fun and creative way to paint! 

This week we are having FOREST WEEK for Virtual Book Club for Kids and we are reading The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson and making splat painted forests!


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Get started by rolling out some paper and taping it down. Then grab some brown strips of paper and use them to create some trees!

The Gruffalo is set in the forest and it is FOREST WEEK for our Weekly Virtual Book Club for Kids so help your kids create an awesome forest on their large paper. Secure everything in place with double sided tape and then you are ready to paint! 

To get the painting materials ready, cut off the legs on the panty hose and fill the toes with embellishments (dried beans, rice, etc.).

Tie a knot to keep the filler secure and then you are ready to paint!

Set out some paint. For our trees we used different shades of green.

Demonstrate first how to simply go up and down making splats on the paper with your splat painting materials.                  

You could even try with two hands! I always tell my kids that the goal is to stay on the paper... though they always get some *washable* paint on their clothes and the floor with this activity. It is a great one for outside if you don't like messes inside!

Once you are done creating your forest, peel off the white paper and then put some more out for freestyle splat painting!

This is my favorite way to paint! Do you have any other favorite materials to paint with?

Our Virtual Book Club co-hosts shared some awesome Forest Themed activities this week as well. Click on the links below to check them out!

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