Monday, January 9, 2017

Three Easy Bear Themed Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Happy New Year and welcome to our 2017 Weekly Virtual Book Club for Kids! If you aren't already in our book club Facebook group, come join in! We share creative ideas along with book suggestions that go with our theme each week. This week is all about bears!

Our featured book for this week is Time to Sleep by Denise Fleming. It is a darling book about animals of the forest settling down for their winter nap. With the chilly wet weather we've been having in California lately I am ready to hibernate as well!

Today we have three easy bear themed activities to share with you!


This sensory bin was so silly. The kids dropped the bears through the rolls, let them hide inside the rolls to hibernate, and just had fun sorting and exploring the bin materials. 


We created this bear mask by cutting a circle out of a paper plate. Then we painted the paper plate brown. After that we added paper ears with some tape and a large craft stick... and then after a quick dry, the bear mask was ready for wearing.  


Our graham cracker snack was a hit. We just cut a marshmallow in half for the noise and then added mini marshmallows, frosting, and chocolate chips.

You can also be a little healthier and try out this bear toast snack. With this healthy snack we used bananas for ears and nose and chocolate for  eyes. We spread peanut butter all over to get some protein in! It was delicious!                          


Try out this fun jumping bubble wrap bear color game. You can get our free downloadable colored bear printables as well. I'll add the link later today when I am not hibernating!  All you do is try and jump from bear to bear and say the color name. Some kids can even call out the bears they plan to jump on ahead of time and then see if they can do it! 

We are so excited about all of these BEAR THEMED ACTIVITIES! Check out the other activities below from our VBC Co-Hosts this week:

Upper & Lowercase Matching Bear Puzzles- Sea of Knowledge


  1. We made the bear toast for lunch today so fun :-)

  2. So many adorable idea for bears this week for toddlers and preschoolers. I must admit bear theme is one of my favorites. The graham cracker bear is a must add to our after school snack this week. Thanks for organizing the Virtual Book Club for Kids with me each week Kristina. It's so much fun!

  3. Thanks for the cute ideas! Would you please post the link for the printable colored bear activity? It looks fun!

  4. I am looking for the printable bear activity


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