Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Sticker Letter Match for Preschoolers

Names can be a huge part of helping kids learn about the alphabet and begin to make sense of it! Names are important to kids, so I love to use them as we create name activities to do together!

My kids love exploring the letters in their names! One way that we like to do that is by matching letters using stickers. This simple Sticker Letter Match set up only takes a few minutes but can keep kids busy for awhile! 


  • foam alphabet stickers and other alphabet stickers
  • cardstock paper
  • paint marker
  • painter's tape


For this activity, all you need to do is tape up a few pieces of cardstock. Next, write the letters of your child's name- one on each piece of paper. Finally, have your child start sticking corresponding stickers to the letter paper that matches!

We like to use a variety of alphabet stickers when we have them available. This week we had a bunch of extra foam stickers, so that is what we used!

My son added stickers to his poster for a long time and I managed to get the dishes done and clean up the kitchen while he did it. That usually equals activity success to me! My son kept saying the names of the different letters while he put them on the papers. 

To expand this activity, you could talk about each letter and find additional things in your home that start with that letter and go on a letter hunt!

If you like name activities, a few of our other favorite name activities can be found in this post with 15 Name Crafts & Activities for kids.

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