Friday, October 21, 2016

Easy Witches' Brew Halloween Water Play

Sometimes all you need is a bucket of water, some silly Halloween props, and some ladles to create hours of fun. My little ones put on their witch hats and had such a great time with some Halloween water play earlier this week. Doing Halloween activities with my toddler and preschooler is so fun!

Late afternoon everyone gets crazy at our house and a little grumpy. That is prime time for water play activities with a little twist! We grabbed some cool glow-in-the-dark eyeball ice cubes that we'd been freezing and voila! We had the perfect afternoon activity- an eyeball witches' brew!


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To get started you need your little witches to get decked out in their favorite outfits for brewing. We have several little witch hats, so we put them on and started making our brew.

The key to a good brew is a big black pot or big black tub. 

Next we roamed around the kitchen and found the best ladles and spoons for mixing. 

Finally we started making our brew! First we threw in water. Then we threw in some frozen eyeballs. Next we added some plastic Halloween rings. Lastly we tossed in a lot of icky plastic insects and cockroaches. Ick! The cockroaches were so realistic that they totally creeped me out.

Once all of the items were tossed into the brew it was time to start singing!!

My preschooler learned the best witches' brew song at school. You can watch this adorable version of Stirring My Brew here.

We love to make our witches brew and then stir and stir while we sing. The kids also just love to splash and make everything get soaking wet! This is not a dry sensory activity.

Once we are done stirring and singing, the kids collect the eyeballs and bugs and drop them and swish them and just enjoy exploring them in the water and on the ground nearby the big tub.

After exploring their witches' brew for a long time, the witches were ready to hop on their broomsticks and take off! They rode all over our backyard and once they got tired they headed back to the play with the witches' brew again! It is addicting!

Have you tried making witches' brew before? What did you put in yours?

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