Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Amazingly Easy Giant Shape Sorter for Kids

This week we are focusing on simple toddler/preschool concepts like colors, shapes, numbers and letters as part of I Can Teach My Child's Toddler Time series. Yesterday for ours colors post we did some colorful spin art apple art.

Today we are playing with our giant shape sorter and exploring shapes! 


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To make the shape sorter, cut shapes into the tri-fold board with scissors. After that we outlined each shape with markers and then we taped large tupperware containers onto the back of the shapes. 

Once everything was secure with packing tape, we sorted shapes, turned the board around, and put them in their correct spots. 

We chose four shapes to get us started. Three familiar shapes and one unfamiliar shape.

We used our Magformers to build different shapes and then we sorted the shapes into the correct container. If you don't have magformers, go on a shape hunt around your house or cut out shapes using colored cardstock.

It was fun to see how creative the kids got with the hexagons. We didn't have a hexagonal Magformer, so they made their own using little triangles. They also built cubes and cones and had fun talking about the different shapes.

After awhile we decided to convert the shape sorter board into a shape sorter table. We just taped the two ends of the boards together using masking tape, to make it stand up. Changing the board into a table was a fun way to keep the kids excited and exploring.

Building anything with Magformers gets our creative juices flowing, so the kids start making some pretty amazing shapes and structures.  

We love digging through the blog to find more shape activities, so this favorite post is filled with an additional 25+ Shape activities for kids!

This post is part of the Toddler Time series by I Can Teach My Child. Yesterday we focused on colors, today we're focusing on shapes. Wednesday will be all about numbers and Thursday will feature letter activities. I can't wait! 

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