Saturday, July 9, 2016

25+ Quick Activities to Burn Off Toddler Energy

My kids are always full of energy and most of the time I love it! Occasionally when I am trying to get the baby down for a nap or concentrate on something, their never-ending energy can be annoying. Over the past few years I've helped my kids learn a few movement activities to help to channel their energy so things don't get broken in my house and I don't start yelling.

Today I've compiled my quick list of 25+ activities to help burn off toddler energy. I like to keep this list nearby so that if the kids need to get moving I can easily think of an activity for them to do (or they can read the list and pick their own). 

I've included a printable list at the bottom of the post if you want to print out your own copy to keep on your fridge. These work for toddlers, preschoolers, and older kids!


Click on the links included in the list below for more details.

1. Play Red Light Green Light

2. Set up a toddler circuit training workout

3. Blow bubbles and have your toddler chase them

4. Build forts out of blankets

5. Build plastic cup towers and knock them down

6. Play broom hockey

7. Jump in puddles

8. Draw a path with chalk on the driveway and have your toddler follow it

9. Play "don't touch the floor" and make a pillow hopping path from one side of the room to the other

10. Start a family jogging club

11. Put a mattress on the floor and let your child jump on it

12. Bounce on an indoor/outdoor trampoline

13. Go on a bug hunt

14. Ride around the block on bikes or scooters

15. Go to the playground and create an obstacle course

16. Join Hike It Baby! a national movement of parents taking kids out for hikes (USA only)

17. Kick or throw the ball or frisbee and have your toddler go get it and bring it back

18. Use painters tape on the carpet or floor to make obstacle courses, ladders, and zig zags

19. Have a dance party, turn on your favorite tunes

20. Have a game of pool noodle hockey

21. Play "head shoulders knees and toes," "the hokey pokey" and other song games that get kids moving

22. Have a few friends over for a playdate

23. Play a craft stick movement game

24. Go to open gym time at a local gymnastics place

25. Give your child a large bucket and a ball to throw into it

26. Play pool noodle basketball

27. Make a tunnel and crawl through it

28. Do some whole body splat painting


What are some of your favorite ways to help your toddler burn off some energy? Please tell me about them in the comments!

Check out our Move & Learn posts as well. They share fun ways to get kids moving while building reading and math skills. 

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