Thursday, July 21, 2016

10 Messy & Colorful Invitations to Create for Kids

Kids can learn and create in a variety of ways. Sometimes I love structured crafts with simple instructions and a specific end product. Sometimes I love open-ended activities that are solely focused on the art process. One of our favorite afternoon activities is to set up simple open-ended invitations to create. 

Invitations to create usually include a few simple materials and a fun or unique creative process. Typically invitations to create that we set up are often colorful and messy. Today I am excited to share 10 messy and colorful invitations to create that we've been enjoying lately.

My basic definition of an "invitation to create" is when a parent or teacher arranges simple materials on a table (or other creative area) and the children are encouraged to explore and create using the simple materials and not too much guidance/direction.

These 10 invitations to create that are listed below are just a few of our favorites. I'd love to hear what materials you put out for your kids and what they like to create and explore with. 

Click on the names of the invitations to create below to get more details or a tutorial about each activity.

1) Paint and sticks- just put some paint on a paper plate, dip in the stick, and start painting!

2) Cardboard boxes, markers, and stickers- build the cardboard boxes into houses using masking tape and a knife and then decorate the houses with stickers and markers... and any other favorite materials.

3) Glue and Sand art by Let Kids Create- This one is easy peasy! Let Kids Create shares a great tutorial.

4) Homemade stamps and paper- stick foam stickers onto lids or small old plastic containers to create stamps

5) Foil, yarn, and Sharpies- glue some yarn onto cardboard, cover with foil, and started decorating with marker!

6) Paper plates, paper strips, and scissors- snip and cut different materials and tape or glue them to the paper plate.

7) Chalk and a black roll of paper- SO simple, yet fun. 

8) Paper towels and liquid watercolors- using a turkey baster or pipet you'll want to drip colors onto the paper towel. Once it dries you'll have a colorful creaton

9) Rolling pins and paint by Casa Maria's Creative Learning Zone- Paint + rolling paints is awesome.

10) Paint in a box by Carrots Are Orange- I love the pictures in this post. What a fun toddler activity!

Have you tried any invitations to create? What materials did you use?

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