Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Build An Easy Removable LEGO Wall

I have always wanted a LEGO wall and so have my kids. I can never seem to find big enough base plates to make what I want but recently I found a bunch of square green LEGO base plates and decided to go for it and make a LEGO wall.

Often I will wait and wait to make things trying to get the perfect materials... but by the time I make them the kids have lost interest. Sometimes making things a little bit less fancy and 'perfect' can end up being totally awesome.

Last week I bought six base plates and stuck them to the wall to make a mini LEGO wall. It was such a big hit with my three big kids that I went back to the store and bought a bunch more baseplates to cover a good chunk of our wall.

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Making this LEGO wall was so easy!

I started by sticking rolls of blue painters tape on the back of each baseplate (several pieces per plate) and then I stuck the plates to our painted wall. It is important that you don't tape the to a highly glossy area of your house... because the type won't stick as well.

I put enough tape that each corner had a piece and then we added some to the with some sides. As I added each sheet I used LEGO bricks to attach both sheets together to help me make sure that the lines were straight.

Once all of the baseplates were secure we were ready to play! As long as my kiddos didn't rip down all of the baseplates we were set. Fortunately we've had our LEGO wall up for over a week and it is SO MUCH FUN to play with that no one has bothered to try and rip it down.

I love that you can see the lines between the plates because it makes it easy to split them up and tell each child they can use 4 plates (or 2) when they are building. It makes it much easier to share!

If you want to make a LEGO Wall that will be durable even longer, try this DIY LEGO Wall from Lalymom.

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  1. Such a simple idea - can't believe I didn't think of it! ;)

    1. I agree! As it so happens, we're remodeling our son's room right now anyway...I think I may have a new project lined up!


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