Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Super Quick to Make LEGO Sensory Bin for Kids

Are you ever scrambling for something to do with your kids? I love to have materials for sensory bins on hand to pull out when my kids are getting a little crazy or I just need something to do with them for a few minutes.

This week we are hosting LEGO Week with some friends and we'll be sharing playful LEGO themed ideas each day. This LEGO sensory bin is really quick to make and a whole lot of fun!  

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  • large plastic tub
  • smaller plastic tub
  • scoops
  • jumbo tweezers (or tweezer tongs- we got ours at Lakeshore)
  • dried beans (enough to fill up the tub)
  • LEGO bricks (DUPLO or Juniors or Classic)


To make this sensory bin all you do is dump the dried beans into a large tub and then add in LEGO bricks and then mxix them up!

Next we add fine motor tools like tweezer tongs or scoops and let the kids scoop and grab the LEGO bricks and beans. We liked to have a smaller tub close by so that kids can transfer the beans from the big tub to the smaller tub.

Strengthening finger muscles and building fine motor skills are important as you prepare your child for writing. Kids also need strong finger muscles in order to do simple things like zip up their coat and button their buttons.

Using tongs is a great way to work on fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. My little preschoolers thought it was a fun challenge to try and use the tongs with only one hand. Kids that were not as strong would use both hands to help them use the tongs. Buying fun kid sized tongs can also be a great way to let kids working on fine motor skills. They can use them for all sorts of things! Transfer toys into their toy bins, picking up messes off the floor, or using them in simple sensory bins.

Do you have any LEGO fans at your house? You may also like this LEGO shaving cream sensory bin we tried. 

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