Friday, May 6, 2016

Alphabet Building Activity for Kids

My preschoolers and older kids love exploring alphabet letters and doing name crafts and activities. In the afternoons my baby is always starving and while I nurse her I love to find an activity to keep the kids busy and not fighting. New activities or cool sensory activities work the best to keep my kids focused and happy. 

Today for our afternoon invitation to create we grabbed some colorful packing peanuts and built some alphabet letters... along with other cool structures!


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To get started you need to get your sponge wet and then wring it out until it is just damp (not soaking wet) and then put it in a bowl to keep your floor or table dry.

After that, pour out your magic nuudles and start building! As you rub each side, top, or bottom of the nuudles with the damp sponge and then stick them to another nuudle you will find that they STICK TOGETHER! 

It is important that you don't get the nuudles soaked but just get them a tiny bit damp. If they get too wet they will start melting since they are biodegradable!

As you stick them together it is fun to try and build letters or buildings or other shapes. My bigger kids decided they wanted to make the letters in their names. It was fun to see how creative they got as they made each letter.

Names are a great place to start if kids want to build alphabet letters... since building the whole alphabet could be overwhelming! This could be a fun way for older kids to work on their spelling words as well!

I just love how colorful these nuudles are! They totally made my day! They are so addicting to create with that we almost went through our entire bag of 300 nuudles in one afternoon! Good thing you can break the structures apart and reuse them!

Have you ever played with Magic Nuudles? What would you build? 

Do you have any other favorite alphabet activities? You can find some of our favorite alphabet activities HERE... including the Alphabet Paper Plate Puzzles we made last week that were awesome! 

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