Monday, May 16, 2016

26 Awesome Ways to Play with Your Toddler

Toddlers are fun, exhausting, and curious. Keeping toddlers entertained can be really easy and really hard. Some toddlers will play with the same thing over and over again for a long time while others flit about and play with one thing for 2 seconds before they are off dumping something else out and then destroying something in another room. I am constantly trying to find simple toddler play ideas that my kids love.

To help you stay sane and have fun with your toddler I have created a collection called the ABC's of Toddler Activities. Over the next 26 days I'll be sharing simple toddler activities with you as we move through the ABCs! Any guesses what our "A" activity will be? 

Each activity I share will be easy to set up and use materials that you probably already have around your house. These activities aren't rocket science and some of them might not be brand-new to you, but they are tried and tested activities that my toddlers have enjoyed... so perfect to bookmark (or pin) when you need a go-to activity on a boring afternoon.


The best thing about the activities landing in your inbox is that you can check them out daily or save the emails for a week when you are out of ideas and just blow through all of them in a few days. I have always wished that someone would send me an email every morning with one simple activity idea to try with my kids. Doing one simple activity together during our crazy busy days helps me slow down and connect with my kids. Some days we are so busy that our only activity is reading a book, and that is totally fine. I hope that these daily emails will give you one fun thing to try together and I would love it if you find a favorite activity that your toddler wants to do again and again. Those are the best!

If you aren't a fan of newsletters and just can't wait, here are a few of our favorite simple toddler activity posts that have been big hits lately.

We share even more cool ideas in our 15 + simple toddler activities post.

If you're not ready to try activities yet but like to pin them and save them for later, head on over to our Toddler Approved Pinterest Board. You'll find plenty other fun ideas over there to try. 

If you missed it earlier and want simple free activity ideas to come straight to your inbox, SUBSCRIBE HERE FOR 26 DAYS OF SIMPLE TODDLER ACTIVITIES.

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