Sunday, April 3, 2016

8 Simple Earth Day Activities

Earth Day is an annual event held on April 22nd to demonstrate support for environmental protection.

We love to celebrate Earth Day at our house by learning a bit about the Earth and doing some simple themed crafts and activities!

The Earth is a beautiful place filled with so many gorgeous plants, animals, and other features. As we celebrate Earth Day we talk about ways to help keep the Earth more beautiful along with just talking about the general features of the Earth.

Today I'm going to share 8 simple Earth Day activities that we think are pretty awesome. 


1. Nature Hunt

Going on a nature hunt can help kids appreciate the Earth and the animals/plants that live there. There are a lot of free nature hunt printables online you can use or you can just make your own nature hunt.

2. Recycled Materials Hunt

Grab some recycled paper and pull out some recycled materials from your recycling bin. Trace their shapes onto the paper and then hid the objects around your house. Make sure they are cleaned first, of course! Then match the materials to their correct shape!

3. Mess-Free Earth Painting by Still Playing School

This simple mess-free craft can be done again and again. Kids love to create their own Earth craft!

4. Puffy Paint Earth by No Time for Flashcards

Puffy Paint is such a cool sensory material to use! Having kids create their own Earth with puffy paint is a great sensory activity. My kids always love it!

5. Earth Handprint Art

This simple Earth handprint activity only requires paint, paper, scissors, and markers. We just cut out a circle from blue paper, used green paint to make a handprint and create land, and then we stuck our creation on black paper and wrote about how we will take care of the Earth! Easy peasy!

6. Heart Earth Cupcakes

Eating something that looks like the Earth is a lot of fun. You can use regular muffin tins to make round Earth cupcakes or you can use a heart shape mold and show your love for the Earth by making heart Earth cupcakes!! To make these we just made cupcake batter and made half the batter blue and half the batter green. Then we mixed it together a bit and baked them. They were deliciously colorful!

7. Earth Day Oobleck by Little Bins for Little Hands

Oobleck is one of my favorite sensory materials. Just make half green and half blue and you've got Earth Day Oobleck!

8. Grass People

The Earth is covered with grass, so show kids how to grow their own! We grew our grass in a cup that we decorated. Once the grass was really long we gave the grass people haircuts! It was so silly!


Here are some of our favorite books about the Earth and things that grow there:

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The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle

Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert

Do you have have any favorite Earth Day activities you like to do?

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