Saturday, March 26, 2016

Easter Egg Ice Excavation

Quick and easy activities are our favorites! Yesterday we shared 6 favorite Easter activities for toddlers.

Today we are sharing one favorite last minute Easter activity-- Easter Egg Ice Excavation!


  • several plastic eggs
  • large tupperware
  • water
  • freezer
  • salt shaker (regular and rock salt)
  • turkey baster
  • cup of water


To prepare ahead we filled up a large tupperware with water and we added several plastic eggs inside. Once the water was full we closed the tupperware with a lid and we put it into the freezer overnight!


Once we pulled the tupperware out of the freezer we ran it under warm water for a minute and then we stuck the large piece of ice and eggs into a pan once it came out of our tupperware. 

The kids used a turkey baster with warm salt water and sprayed it on the ice again and again.

As the kids sprayed more water and sprinkled more salt the ice got smaller and smaller.

The kids collected the plastic eggs as the ice melted and put them in a bowl. They loved making a giant hole in the center of the ice.

This activity is so simple but takes awhile because the ice melts slowly or quickly depending on the water, temperature, and amount of salt.  

Ice excavation activities are our favorite and we love coming up with a variety of versions for every holiday! Have you tried ice excavation before?

We also love finding other ice activities to explore as well! You can find more ice activities HERE.

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