Friday, March 25, 2016

6 Simple Toddler Easter Activities

I am living in a constant state of disaster lately. Laundry is in piles, dishes needed to be unloaded, and children seem to be constantly running in circles around me. The one thing that has saved me is finding a simple activity to do together each day during our witching hour... right before dinner. I've been sharing these simple Easter activities over on Instagram every day over the past week using the hashtag #averytoddlereaster. All activities have been easy to set up and use only a few materials.  

Today I'm going to tell you about these simple Easter activities that are helping me have fun with my kids and connect a bit with them as well. Click on the activity titles below for the full tutorial.

Tape Egg Craft

All you need is a paper egg, scissors, and tape. Go HERE for more details.

Play dough Easter Eggs

You need beads, play dough (we love this homemade play dough recipe from The Imagination Tree), cookie cutters, and other play dough tools. We decorated our play dough shapes with beads. 

Easter Hopscotch

We stuck foam bunny and egg shapes onto the floor with painter's tape to play hopscotch! The kids tried to go from one side of the room to the other staying on the shapes! After awhile we covered up some of the shapes and tried to avoid stepping on the covered up shapes while we went from one side to the other. Such a fun game!

Easter Play with Kinetic Sand

Plastic eggs and kinetic sand make for such a great sensory activity! Go HERE for more details.

Glow in the Dark Easter Egg Hunt

My friend hosted us for a glow in the dark Easter egg hunt earlier this week. She stuffed each Easter egg with a glow in the dark bracelet and a piece of candy and then she taped them shut. We turned off the lights and hid the eggs and then the kids had so much fun hunting in the dark!

Easter Rice Sensory Bin

A pan full of rice and some plastic eggs make for such a great sensory activity! We loved scooping, pouring, and making shakers too.

Do you have any other favorite Easter activities you'll be trying this weekend?

We have tons on our Easter Pinterest board if you need some other ideas.


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