Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Hot Chocolate Alphabet Matching Game

My 3-year-old is in love with hot chocolate. It is one of our favorite things to drink during the winter. With our new baby's arrival we have been trying to do a simple activity together each day.

Yesterday we created a simple alphabet matching game using a hot chocolate theme. 


  • colored cardstock
  • scissors
  • alphabet stickers
  • white foam
  • brown marker
  • black sharpie


Get started by cutting out several small "marshmallows" from foam. Then cut out several hot chocolate mugs (one for each letter in your child's name). Use a brown marker to draw in hot chocolate.

Add alphabet letters to the front of each mug using stickers and write corresponding alphabet letters on the foam marshmallows with a sharpie. 

Now you are ready to play!


Spread the foam marshmallows out.

Arrange the mugs in name order (to spell your child's name). Older kids can put the mugs in order themselves.

Have your child sort the marshmallows and place them in the correct cup of hot chocolate.

While we played we talked about letters and alphabet letter sounds. My son matched capital letters to capital letters (because I only had capital letter stickers) and my daughter matching capital letters to lowercase letters.

Kids love exploring their names which is why I usually create alphabet activities using the letters in names.

We've had this activity out and the kids continue to clear off the letters and play again and again and again. I love when we are able to come up with a super simple activity that both my 3 and 5 year old enjoy.

Do you have any hot chocolate lovers at your house? 

You might enjoy this Polar Express hot chocolate recipe that we love.

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