Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Toddler Christmas Wreath Making Station

In the Fall we shared how to create a Fall wreath making station. We are continuing that tradition into winter! Each December we like to create simple wreaths to get us in the festive spirit and decorate the kid's bedroom doors a a bit. 

For Day 2 of our Very Toddler Christmas series we are sharing a brief overview of how we set up our Christmas wreath station for toddlers and preschoolers on up!


  • wreath base (circle of cardboard, paper plate, piece of cardstock, strofoam wreath, piece of circular felt)
  • cut up pieces of green paper
  • some circuluar red pieces (for berries)
  • red embellishments (beads, pom poms, big pom poms, big buttons, etc) for berries
  • tape
  • elmers glue
  • scissors
  • hole punchers 


I always start out by deciding what we want to use for our wreath base. Usually we do paper plate wreaths, so this time we decided to try something different and use cardboard from cereal boxes. 

We cut the cereal boxes into circles and then traced cups for the inner circle and then cut out the centers of the wreath. 

Next kids started gluing the green pieces onto the wreath base.

Kids can also use a hole punchers and cut some red circles to use for berries.

Once the wreath base and green paper is all glued together then you are ready to glue on berries!

I like to stick on pre-cut red paper berries and beads or buttons or any other round items to use for buttons.

Once your wreath has significant enough embellishments then it is ready to hang on your child's bedroom door or somewhere else in your house to bring a festive mood!

Ideas are limitless when making wreaths. You can use a variety of materials to add more texture and dimension. We love using pom poms, buttons, tissue paper, foam, beads, etc. when making Christmas wreaths.

**You will want to make sure to use crafting materials that work for your child! Use larger pom poms and large sized buttons if your child still tries to put things in his/her mouth. You can also use edible embellishments if your child tries to eat craft projects. Use common sense based on your child's developmental abilities.

We have also make spin art Christmas wreaths before which was a lot of fun!

Are you going to join in?

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Come back tomorrow for Day 3 of our "A Very Toddler Christmas' series. If you missed it, for Day 1 we shared gingerbread man collage craft.

If you have additional favorite simple toddler Christmas ideas please tell me about them in the comments! We always love finding new ideas!

We also pin Christmas ideas daily over on our Christmas Pinterest board if you get bored and need new ideas!

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