Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Handprint and Footprint Reindeer Thank You Cards

Making Christmas crafts and doing Christmas themed activities is so fun... but sometimes another favorite activity we like to do is making special things to take around to people we love.

For Day 8 we decided to work together (this is a mom and tot craft) and make Reindeer Thank You cards. Once our cards were put together we added them on top of some special holiday treats and we went and delivered them to friends.


  • brown, green, and cream cardstock
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • pen
  • red pom pom
  • googly eyes
  • double-sided tape or glue
  • plate of cookies 


Trace two hands and one foot onto brown and cream paper and cut them out

Tape or glue the hand/footprint pieces on to the green card and make them look like a reindeer.

Add googly eyes and a pom pom using tape or glue.

Write "thank you" on the reindeer's antlers to make a Thank you card!

Afterwards my kids flipped the card over and wrote a nice message inside the card.

Once we made our cards we taped them onto plates of treats and took them around to favorite teachers and other people who do nice things in our community! This simple service project was a nice way to show our love for others at Christmas!

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If you have additional favorite simple toddler Christmas ideas please tell me about them in the comments! We always love finding new ideas!

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