Friday, December 18, 2015

Gingerbread Boy Color Bingo Game

We are on Day 18 of our A Very Toddler Christmas series! Yesterday we made homemade Christmas cards and the day before we made a simple Christmas treat with graham crackers.

Today we are playing a Gingerbread Boy Color Bingo game! I am sharing two different variations for toddlers and preschoolers.


  • one set of gingerbread boy color bingo cards (includes 5 cards) printed on white cardstock
  • one gingerbread bingo card cut up to make 8 gingerbread boy color cards
  • a container of bingo chips or markers
  • bag of gingerbread boy marshmallows (optional)
  • double sided tape (for toddler version)
  • scissors (for toddler version)
  • one piece of colored cardstock per child (toddler version) 

You can download my free printable gingerbread boy color bingo cards HERE.

There are five different cards plus a blank one you can customize.


To get started I gave each child a piece of cardstock and three gingerbread boy cut outs. I added double sided tape to the back of each gingerbread boy and the kids had to stick the gingerbread boys wherever they wanted on their paper.

Next, I showed the group of kids one gingerbread boy card. If they had that color gingerbread boy on their paper then they got to put a bingo marker or gingerbread marshmallow on it.

We kept playing and showing more cards. The first child to cover all three of their gingerbread boys with marshmallows (or bingo chips) won! Once they won they got to each their marshmallows!

This was such a simple way to talk about colors and the concept of matching. The kids wanted their board to match the gingerbread boy card that I held up. 


For this version each preschooler gets a board that looks different than their friend's board. I have included five printable boards and one blank board, so you can always make more variations if you have more kids.

The teacher or parent shows a gingerbread boy card with a specific color buttons. The preschoolers look to see if they have a matching gingerbread boy with those color buttons on their board. When they find a match they put a bingo marker on their gingerbread boy. The first child to cover up one row of 4 gingerbread boys wins!

You can download my free printable gingerbread boy color bingo cards HERE.

This game is really easy to set up and play and both the preschooler and toddler groups that I played it with seemed to really have fun with it! 

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Don't forget to check out our A Very Toddler Christmas series posts and make sure you didn't miss any. Have you tried any of the activities yet?

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