Thursday, December 3, 2015

Christmas Toss Game for Toddlers

I love finding ways to get kids actively moving and learning. For Day 2 of our A Very Toddler Christmas series we set up a wreath making station which was fun but pretty sedentary. Today we wanted to get moving!

For Day 3 of our "A Very Toddler Christmas series" we printed off our Christmas printable cards, grabbed a ball, and got started playing our Christmas toss game! 

Set up for this game is easy! Just print off our Christmas printable cards, secure them to the floor, and then listen! When the name of a card is called your child needs to toss the ball at the pictures on the floor (or jump on it... or stand on it). 

You can download my Christmas printable cards here.

While your child jumps or tosses the ball you can talk about colors on the printable, names of the Christmas object, and even what letter the object starts with.

My littlest loved this activity and my older kids had a lot of fun with it too!

Are you participating in our A Very Toddler Christmas series?

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Come back tomorrow for Day 4 of our "A Very Toddler Christmas' series. If you missed it, for Day 1 we shared gingerbread man collage craft and Day 2 was a Toddler Christmas Wreath Making station.

If you have additional favorite simple toddler Christmas ideas please tell me about them in the comments! We always love finding new ideas!

We also pin Christmas ideas daily over on our Christmas Pinterest board if you need additional ideas!

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