Monday, November 2, 2015

Doubles Activity for Preschoolers

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Math and matching activities are so fun for preschoolers! Matching activities can help teach visual discrimination which is important for kids as they learn to read letters and numbers. This month for our Virtual Book Club for Kids we are reading Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans.

Madeline goes to school along with 11 other girls and the 12 girls always do everything in "two straight lines." 

As we read Madeline we thought it was fun to count the girls by ones and twos, so we decided to create a simple doubles activity to share this month! 

Madeline and her friends experience a wide range of emotions in the book, so we decided to include talking about and labeling emotions as part of our activity was well!

To create this simple doubles activity we only needed a few things!


  • craft sticks (12)
  • white or colored cardstock
  • circle punch
  • markers or crayons


To prep this doubles activity we first created several pairs of craft stick people. Each pair had a matching face/expression. We used our circle punch to create circles of cardstock . Then we drew faces on each circle and stuck them to the craft sticks.

We mixed up the craft sticks and then worked on pairing them with their matching stick and lining them up "in two straight lines"... just like in the book!

We also talked about the different emotions that were represented on the craft stick people and the different emotions the girls had in the book!

While we counted the pairs we sang my favorite skip counting by 2s song that goes to the tune of Yankee Doodle! I need to video tape it so that you can sing along with us!

Skip counting by 2s is a fun way to count and a foundational activity prior to introducing multiplication to kids! We usually start by learning how to skip count by 10s and 5s and then move to 2s. 

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  1. What a fantastic activity I love how simple it is to create and get the children matching and creating.

  2. What a perfect activity to pair with Madeline. I need to get myself one of those hole punches too!

  3. Brilliant! I love all the emotions and whole body motion!!

  4. This is great!! A perfect activity to go with the book!

  5. I love how many things you are working on with this one activity!


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