Thursday, November 12, 2015

Boredom Buster Indoor Activities for Kids

We love to be outside all of the time, but sometimes we are just stuck indoors and there isn't an option to be outside. Sometimes it is too hot... or too cold, or there's a baby napping... and you're just stuck inside with a toddler or preschooler or a boat load of kids of varied ages.

I love having a list of ideas in my back pocket to pull out when the usual favorite play activities have been exhausted or kids just want another idea besides playing with their toys. Many of these ideas below are classic activities that my kids love to do again and again.

Here are a few of our favorite boredom buster indoor activities for kids and several that were shared by the awesome folks over on our Toddler Approved Facebook Page.  

Set up a car wash in the kitchen sink (or just use tubs on the floor on top of towels)

Build a fort/tent

Play hide & seek with flashlights

Lay a painters tape road all over the house and drive cars on it

Host a dance party!

Play "holidays" (pack a bag and go on a trip around the house, each room can be a different destination)

Make homemade play doh and pull out your favorite tools (we love using candles, toothpicks, sequins, google eyes, and craft sticks)

Create noodle or cereal necklaces

Play with an exercise cube or movement sticks (put different exercises on each side of the box or on the sticks)

Jump on bubble wrap (we love to lay out bubble wrap pathways all over our house)

Make an indoor obstacle course (use chairs, blankets, etc.)

Do some pillow jumping

Hold a sock throw or laundry toss game (roll up socks and toss them into a basket)

Set up a bowling game (these are especially fun to make with blocks or sponges items from your recycling bin)

Play follow the leader

Host a balloon tennis match!

Build plastic cup towers

Make cardboard houses or dog houses (or really anything out of cardboard)

Create sticker collages

Pull out some baking soda and vinegar for fizzy science

These are 20 of our favorite activities... what are yours? Let's make this blog post a huge resources of boredom busters so please add your ideas in the comments below so that the rest of us can try them out.

Head on over to our Toddler Approved Facebook Page for more ideas from our awesome community!  

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