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100+ Hands On Science Activities for Kids

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I have a serious treat for you today! I am super duper excited to share Asia Citro's new book with you-- The Curious Kid's Science Book: 100+ Creative Hands-On Activities for Ages 4-8!! Asia is the amazing author behind 150+ Screen Free Activities for Kids that we shared with you last year!

The Curious Kid's Science book is filled with one hundred plus cool activities and we are going to TELL you about some of them today! We are also going to SHOW you the paper towel color exploration activity that we tried from the book!

My kids are huge fans of Asia's books because they are filled with gorgeous photos and cool activities! They tore right into The Curious Kid's Science Book right away once it arrived and have barely let me have a turn with it since then!

The kiddos have put together a list a mile long of explorations they want to try from the book. 

We decided to start with a paper towel color exploration activity because it was really easy to set up!

The Curious Kid's Science Book has each activity clearly explained along with detailed materials lists! There are also some helpful hints and extension activities included! A lot of the activities are on a single page and are succinctly explained... which is exactly what a busy mom like me needs when it comes to activities! Quick, easy, educational, and FUN!!


For our paper towel color exploration activity we only needed a few materials:

  • wet and dry paper towels
  • tray (or baking sheet like we used)
  • watercolors
  • pipette (we used a turkey baster because they are just SO fun to use)

In this activity we explored how water changes the spread of color and makes art!

The kids squirted watercolors onto the dry paper towels and onto the wet paper towels and made some predictions about what they thought might happen!

Then they just explored and dropped colors on the wet and dry paper towels.

My youngest (who is almost 3) even discovered that you could suck the colors and water back off the paper towel and squirt it again!

Their paper towel creations were gorgeous and they loved finding ways to mix colors and create new ones!

In addition to trying out the paper towel color exploration we also did a science experiment from the book to see which type of paper makes a rainbow the fastest!

We set up plastic cups and tried out the experiment using three different types of paper-- toilet paper, white streamers, and paper towels! We added liquid watercolors to the water and waited and watched as the colors crept up the different types of paper!

The kids made predictions about which type of paper would make the fastest rainbow and then we waited and watched! This activity was set up in the afternoon and we watched the colors all evening. 

Do you have any guesses which paper moved the colors/water the fastest? Toilet paper, streamers, or paper towels?

Both colorful science activities that we tried really got the kids thinking, making predictions, and problem solving! I love the book's emphasis on helping kids to design their own science investigations and develop their own scientific questions! 


  • The book is filled with gorgeous photos!
  • There are eight different sections to explore! 

Plants & Seeds
Mold Bacteria and Fungus
Food and Candy
Environmental Science
Water and Ice
Baking Soda and Vinegar
Living Things

  • Most of the activities are quick to set up!
  • Asia includes helpful hints, real-life applications, extensions, and activity alternatives! These provide additional support and help you enjoy the activities better.
  • The beginning of each section includes a big list of materials that you will need for that whole section!! I love this because it really helps me with planning ahead. Each activity also has a materials list.
  • The back of the book includes a list of where to find the supplies in the book!

Asia even has a limited number of "The Curious Kid's Science Book Science Kits" available for purchase so you don't even have to go searching for the supplies!!

Go HERE for more "The Curious Kid's Science Book" Science Kit details.

I love that Asia reminds us that "SCIENCE DOESN'T HAVE TO BE COMPLICATED." 

The Curious Kid's Science Book is perfect for someone like me who hates complicated activities with a lot of set up... and instead wants quality activities to do with my kids that foster communication, a love of learning and exploring, and connection!

If you can't tell already from the photos above, my kids LOVE The Curious Kid's Science Book. If I leave it anywhere where they can reach it... it immediately can start an argument because everyone wants to look through it and see the cool activities.

My kiddos have even been bringing the book in the car with us as we drive to school pick ups and have been taking turns flipping through the book and picking projects to try.

We have a really really long list of science activities from the book that my kids want to do and we have the hardest time picking which ones to start with because there are so many fun ones!


The Curious Kid's Science Book is available worldwide!

You can grab it on... 

Book Depository (International)

And it is also available in many US bookstores!

Do you love doing science activities with your kids? 

Here are a few of our favorite science activities that we've featured here on Toddler Approved:


  1. Is this an American book? And if so, can I get all I need for these experiments, in Australia? Do you have a link to where I could buy the book?

    1. There are three links above that show where you can buy the book in three different places online.


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