Monday, August 31, 2015

Matching Activities for Kids

We love to do matching activities! Today we're going to share several of our favorite matching activities with you!

Matching is when you have a picture or letter or number and you have to hunt and find one that is exactly the same and put them near one another to make a pair (or a match). Matching activities are great for brain development. Matching helps kids work on visual discrimination and problem solve to find a solution. Visual discrimination is important as kids learn to read and write. Matching activities also help kids use their memories!

We like to do matching activities based on a favorite theme or holiday or interest.

Here are a few of our favorite matching activities that also help kids practice the alphabet, colors, and numbers. Click on the titles below to go to the full activity tutorial.

Alphabet Matching

Alphabet Train Matching Activity
Alphabet Turkey Matching Game
Alphabet Match & Drop Game
Giant Alphabet Heart Match
Alphabet Pocket Matching Game

Color Matching

Candy Heart Color Matching
Color Matching Car Race
Handprint Color Matching
Bunny Color Matching
Paw Print Paper Plate Color Match
Shape Train Matching Activity

Number Matching

Ornament Number Matching Game
Number Pocket Game
Cookie Number Matching Game

These are just a few of our favorite matching games!! Have you tried any of these yet? Have any other favorite matching games that we should add to our list?

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