Saturday, April 4, 2015

20 Last Minute Easter Activities for Kids

Easter is just one day away! Do you have any special plans or family celebrations scheduled? We love to have parties and dye eggs

If you need something quick and fun to do with kids this weekend, here are a few of our favorite Easter activities for toddlers and preschoolers.

Just click on the links below to find the full tutorials. We just did bunny mallow color matching yesterday and it was a hit... though the life sized bunny friends and volcano eggs were probably the most popular.

Bunny mallow color matching

Bunny spin art

Follow the Easter path game

Bunny color matching game

Sticky Easter Egg for toddlers

Easter Egg Collage Craft

Shape Egg Craft

M&M Bunny Patterning

Easter Egg Salt Painting

Easy Easter Name Game

Easter Egg Drip Painting

Easter Flower Rice Crispy Treats

Easter Bunny Puppet Craft

Name Egg Hunt

Silly Egg Heads

Volcano Egg Dyeing

Ooey Gooey Easter Nests

Life Sized Bunny Friends

Don't Eat the Peep game

Paper Plate Easter Basket

If none of these ideas work for you, check out our Easter Crafts and Activities pinterest board. I have almost 200 pins for you to look through.

I'd love to hear if you have any other favorite Easter crafts or activities that are part of your tradition!

Have a wonderful holiday!!!

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