Saturday, February 7, 2015

You are Dino-Mite Valentine

This valentine has been hands down the favorite at our house over the past week during our 14 Days of Valentines. My toddler and preschooler will rarely put their dinosaurs down!

Last week I grabbed a small package of colorful dinosaurs at Target to give to the students that I teach at church and then I decided to use some of the leftovers to make these darling "You are DINO-MITE" valentines!

I love valentines that just require clicking print, cutting, and then taping on a fun little trinket or toy. I especially love giving little toys to kids that can help engage their imaginations and get them doing some interactive or imaginative play! 

My kids love dinosaurs and love roaming around our house with little tiny toys and animals and building homes for them.

To make this simple DINO-MITE valentine all you need to do is download our free dino valentine printable HERE.

The printable document includes four valentines per page so that there is enough space on the valentine to fit one dinosaur!

Just cut out the printables, adhere them with some tape or even stick some cute washi tape on them to really secure them... and then pass them out to your favorite kiddos (or friends)!

If you can't find little dinosaurs you could also just attach a little pack of dinosaur stickers. 

If you have a dinosaur lover you may also want to check out the following activities...

Escape from the Volcano Shape game (since dinos & volcanos go hand in hand... right?)

Dinosaur Small world play from The Imagination Tree (perfect way to use your new dinosaurs)

Have any other favorite dinosaur themed activities you like to do?

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